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Sonja (vegansonja) wrote,
@ 2004-10-14 14:47:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:"The Great Dictator" <-the film

    My angles are many. My sides are not few. I'm the Dodecahedron. Who are you?
    People tend to like themselves... often even those who don't outwardly seem to. It makes sense, really. We all try to possess those traits which we value or judge to be 'good'. If one values kindness, s/he is kind. If another values a sense of style, s/he becomes what s/he judges to be stylish. We develop our skills, physical appearances, lifestyles, religious or spiritual tendences, philosophies, and pretty much everything that we can based on this stuff... and since no one else entirely shares our values and judgements, we might convince ourselves that we're wiser, prettier, smarter, holier, healthier, nicer, and/or lots of other things than most (or perhaps all) of those with whom we bother to make comparisons (this is typically less evident in those who value humbleness and doesn't at all exclude the possibility of self-doubt). As a result, most of us develop what might be called 'inflated' views of ourselves (which isn't to say that anyone necessarily is overtly arrogant).
    Obviously, there are other factors and much more that can be stated and/or examined, but... true enough, no?

    Along the way, some of us realize what is going on, get ourselves in check, and stop with the delusions. ... Some of us even go so far as to begin having more delusions in the opposing direction. We then communicate with those who (quite wisely) like to keep their natural delusions, and we begin to overthink (which I'm told I've made into a whole new artform) to the point of ... an added dissatisfaction with assorted things.

    I'm now trying to decide whether I think all of this self-lovin' tends to (in one way or another) keep more people happy... or make more people sad. In any case, I'm on to you! You all think you're 'better' than me. ;) At least it's nothin' personal. :):):)

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2004-10-15 09:30 (link)
Damn...if that makes people more happy perhaps I should invest in the concept. It's too bad I'm unable to think should a way about anything...and even so, not for long. Even when I think I'm rockin' at something, I quickly get knocked down a peg or two and then I'm all, "Oh, I suck...damn it." So, I can't find any between....I'm low most of the time. Hmm... sucks. Perhaps we should ask these arrogant people...are you happy? And the follow up question is "Are you happy just because you're pissing others off." Personally, I think that must be the key to happiness...and I don't understand. It's something I find difficult to find pleasure in. I mean, the person must really suck for this to be true....there should only be certain people you want to piss off...right? Who really gets joy from pissing off everyone? friend...these people are the happy ones, the ones that make the rest of us angry...the ones that we come to despise for their happiness...and who only have happiness because they piss us off. Funny eh? And I know...I can't be one of those people. This probably means, I will never be happy. *sigh*

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2004-10-16 02:20 (link)
I don't like pissing off anyone. Maybe that's my problem. If I know I'm just going to be forever pissing people off whether I want to or not, maybe I should just enjoy it?

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2004-10-16 06:47 (link)
"You're only sayin' that so I won't spit in your food."

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2004-11-03 16:45 (link)
Dude, you dont know me. Im just trying to get referals for a place where you get free ipods. I already have 4 so I know it works. All you have to do is get 5 peolpe to sign up. At least click the link and check it out.

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