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Sonja (vegansonja) wrote,
@ 2004-07-26 13:18:00
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    I've decided to tear a page from Jamie's book and utilize Blurty as a medium for discussing life's woes. :)
    I've still not outlasted my personal dislike for blogging, so this will be relatively undetailed and poorly written. Sound like a fun read? Yeah. I totally know. Ugh.

    Okay. I've not yet addressed something that will likely seem like a big deal: being reunited with my estranged father after 16+ years. I'm not going to say much about that, except that it seems a rather minor part of my life right now, yet a gigantic secret ... which I brought on my damn self. Go me. :)
    Anyway, he and his wife have been calling and emailing a bit. ...and I'm feeling a slight sense of guilt for even having opened that box.

    My great-grandma in the hometown is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and driving folks in the homeland mad. I love her dearly, though she's kind of a mean lady. :) She has been frustrating the rest of us for years with her overt musical brilliance, excessive pride, and self-righteous attitudes (all of which I'll likely be sad to see go). Nearly all of the actions she's taken in her lifetime have been enacted with the motive of teaching someone else a much needed lesson. That can be rather annoying from the outside, but it seems she has always set out with noble intentions. Actually, I've long felt rather sorry for her.... as well as for those of us who've had to put up with her. :) The fact is, like the rest of us, she isn't in control of what her brain's thinking... and she's never really been happy, always dissatisfied. I love my Gatsie... and I love my mama. ...and this whole ordeal has taken its toll on both of them. ... so today I did the only thing I really felt I could: I mailed each of them a postcard. :) Weak. :)

    What's causing the largest head/chest/face-ache right now is my university's Financial Aid office. Just when I thought things had worked out, I received yet another "you're so screwed" email. So... I phoned Mom and spent a half hour sobbing into the phone, being reassured that everything would be okay. Mom was in an unusually cheerful mood. It seems her consistently high blood pressure has been hangin' out around 120/50 since Gatsie was placed in a nursing home on Thursday. Also, according to the mama, Gatsie has been in good spirits, cracking lots of jokes (enough, in fact, to "go on Johnny Carson") and generally being a pleasure to be with. :) It's about damn time! :)

    Okay. It seems there was more ugh to report, but I've now cheered myself up by thinking about a dream I had last night. Care to hear it? Screw you! I'm tellin' anyway!

    I dreamt I was seeing some nameless blues lady at Emens Auditorium in Muncie.

    Insignificant Part:
    For some reason, Billy Ray Cyrus was hanging out in the audience ... and the past. Like... I was looking at Emens in 1992 or something. ...and as Billy shook hands with adoring fans, a news reporter spoke of Billy Ray-mania. The weird part? This reporter seemed to be under the impression that Billy Ray Cyrus was a woman, and thus, she couldn't understand how s/he had become so popular. ...but she did note that Billy Ray would make an attractive man. :)

    Significant Part (i.e. part I seem more focused on, which will likely only amuse Mom and myself):
    I couldn't locate my proper seat, as I couldn't see well in the dark (2004) auditorium. I ended up sitting several rows back on the far left, leaving one seat between myself and the end of the row. A very well-dressed, big city sleek-looking woman then sat between me and the end of the row.
    The songstress appeared on stage, looking very... big city sleek as well. :) ...and then she broke out into (not damn kidding) "Detroit City". :D

    I'm not sure how many of you know that particular song. It isn't so obscure. Just old. It's one of the country classics Mom and I like to belt out in the car and contains that line I'm so inexplicably fond of: "by day I make the cars; by night I make the bars!"

    Damn, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a blues rendition of that! So pleasantly surprised, in fact, that I began to enthusiastically but quietly sing along. I noticed that the woman seated next to me was doing the same...rather unattractively. At the end of the song, the woman leaned toward me and spoke the following words:

    "You know, that was in *can't remember*. You were really off". Um... thanks, Lady. :) ...and I was bothered by the idea that I could perhaps be so oblivious as not to have noticed that myself... and I began doubting my perception of everything (which, by the way, isn't a new thing for me).

    Oh... and the following cheered me up slightly as well...

    A Weeping Willow/Jame-woman says:
    I love you.
    Scandinavian Skank/me-woman says:
    Scandinavian Skank says:
    I love you more.
    A Weeping Willow says:
    Not possible.
    Scandinavian Skank says:
    Oh. Strike that then.

    Jamie's so cool! ... still loving me when my brain is dead and all! :D

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2004-07-26 23:23 (link)
Aw...Thanks lady!! Said in true Whitney Houston form, "And I will always love you."

Yeah, that was lame. But, it had to be said. It's a rocking hot way to say that.

I'm severly sorry about your Gatsie and all the pressure and worry put upon your family due to her condition. You would think by now there would be something to be done about that illness. It's very sad. If I were intelligent...I would find some sort of cure and one for all cancer and aids too...oh yeah and that illness that makes you look like your 100 years old when you're like 2. That illness sucks horribly. Kids have enough to deal with...and more to deal with as adults. A kid that looks like an adult must be a terribly thing to sad. But, anyway, I'm stupid and can't come up with cures. But, at least I didn't try to sentence a little kid to death in Adult Roles...hint hint...Crappy P. haha.

Sorry...I sooo got off subject. Oh yeah, I suck. Um...

Oh yeah, Financial Aid...blah. What kind of "You're so screwed" e-mail was this? That sucks horribly. Seriously, why do they suck huge monkey balls like that? What is their problem. Grr...stupid.

I'm really glad you got in touch with your dad. I think it's nice and refreshing. He seems to really have some pleasant things to say to you and about you. It's sweet...and it makes me kind of jealous. I haven't spoken to him since you were like two...and he is expressing his love and how proud he is of you. I've known my dad my whole life...have barely spoken to him all while living under the same roof, and have yet to hear such nice things. I mean...over the years...I've heard a couple nice things. But, the nice things you have heard from your dad in the past week or so probably outweight what I have gotten in all my years. All well. I'm happy for ya. I'm just worried your family might flip if the rest were to find out. I hope that isn't true. But, I'm concerned for ya in that way. So, good luck in the matter.

And Hell yeah!! Blurty is great for woes. It's fun to try and complain to complete strangers too. Good fun I say.

And whoa...that dream was crazy. But, ya know...I had Bill Cosby chasing me around in a dream a few days ago. He was threatening to withhold pudding if I didn't clean the house. Evil Bill Cosby. He's all trying to take my pudding way...just like he did the pudding pops!! Grr... so mean!!

I'm very glad I could cheer you up a bit. Oh and that's great...."Jame-Woman"..."Me-Woman"...haha

I love ya like mad lady. Take Care.

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2004-07-26 23:40 (link)
I know you're not inclined to such things, but I really wish I could help. You know, just with anything.

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Big Ego
2004-10-04 01:04 (link)
i have no clue who u are, but I'm getting realy distracted from my essay and I found some one else who likes jim's big ego. They're so awesome and i'm glad that, who ever you are, you like them too.

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