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Sonja (vegansonja) wrote,
@ 2004-04-03 15:21:00
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    Current mood:idle
    Current music:"Strange Condition" -Pete Yorn

    Victoria was human!
    So...this chick (she's totally a chick!) named Wolfgang wrote an article for her university's paper, suggesting that readers not bring new people into the world. Bravo, chick named Wolfgang!
    I don't personally think it's the most convincing read or even a great childfree article, but it's the only one I've accidentally stumbled upon today, so... HURRAY FOR WOLFGANG!
    from an episode of Invader Zim

    I would like to request that no one kick me in the head over the "stop making babies" stuff. :) Everyone who knows much about me knows that I have super-strong feelings about a lot of things, but those feelings don't prevent me from respecting and befriending those who don't share them. Having or desiring natural children will not cause me to dislike someone. It only means that I would refuse a marriage or like arrangement with that person. :)
    With that said, I very much advocate adoption over baby-makin' (which is not to be confused with "gettin' it on"). If anyone's interested in why, absolutely get in touch! This is one of those things I have figured out!

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2004-04-05 21:15 (link)
What's the deal with that other poster back there? Does it say something about Goats? Am I stupid cause I don't get it? Damn it. We used to have goats. Yeah...male goats are nasty...they pee all over themselves all the freakin' time. It is just smelly horrible. Yup. But, I still liked the goats none-the-less. We had rabbits too. They like to pee on themselves too. Damn it. They all need to stop it. Um...but yeah...goats? Is it supposed to say "The Goat wants you?" Not that that makes sense...but, it makes more sense.

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2004-04-05 23:10 (link)
I'm seeing "The Goat Whats You", but I don't quite get it. :) It reminds me a bit of something that would appear in "Transmetropolitan" though, perhaps promoting a futuristic religion.
...and I totally knew male goats did that! Man, I'm knowledgeable! ;) My parents had goats when I was super-young. You saw the pictures, with my buff dad wearing a lopsided hat. Devina thought the papa had poofy hair. :)
I have fond memories of your rabbits during our days as Tots Lots Scholars. :) You fake ironed one...'cause apparently s/he had poofy hair...just like my buff dad.

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2004-04-06 07:33 (link)
Yeah...I guess Poofy hair is just hot on all accounts!!

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