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Vanilla Mari (vanilla_drops) wrote,
@ 2003-07-09 21:49:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Morning Musume - The peace!

    More job hunting tommorow
    Yay i'm updating.

    Lets see yesterday.. I went to polo Mike came to pick me up and take the bus with me there, its only one bus and it drops you off right infront of it, very convinent if i get a job there, which hopefully i shall considering i applied to about 8 places in there!
    I would really love to work at the explorer store, its all colorful and filled with different toys. And there's slush puppies, i love those drinks! Mmm.. i always get the lemon lime kind. Puchiko last time got the cotton candy kind and said it was good! I perhaps may try it. But i still love the lemon lime, i like sticking to the familar, rather dull that way but.. BITE ME.

    My dad is still his typical asshole like self. Yesterday when i phoned my mom to tell her i would be coming home later then expected of course he was listening in on the other line, he doesn't trust me at all after he found out about Puchiko and I, what a big mess that was, and if we had the slightest thread of a relationship to begin with, he completly ruined it forever on that day he fliped out and wanted to kick me out of the house. He completely went blistic, and now he is only happy if i'm stuck at home all day being miserable.
    Well tough for him, I'm not giving up on puchiko, my happiness will not be sacrified for his selfish closed minded asshole ways.
    I shall see her again tommorow, just as I did yesterday, and it felt so good to be able to hug her again, though she is a little naughty sometimes. She likes to lift up my shirt over my stomach and kiss my belly button, i think she rather likes my stomach, but she was going to do it right infront of these little kids with their dad while we were sitting on a bench, and i sorta had to move away a bit and hold her head going "no puchiko not infront of the children!" and she went "theres children?" *looks to her side "oh." it made me laugh because she didn't remove her hand from beneath the shirt she just waited until they weren't looking and kissed it anyway.
    And she did that again right on the escolater (sp? You know those automatic stairs) and there was an old lady behind us along with mike, and i went "puchiko behave," but it made me laugh anyway.
    We also ranted about how society sucks, and trying to fit into it to please this perfect image that it destroyed from the begining sucks. Society shouldn't play sherades anymore, making it what its not is a waste of time.

    Tommorow i must also get Lola a b-day card and a gift, she turns 18 on the 19th. And hopefully i shall go to her party! Which will be the first birthday party that i have ever gone to! I'm thinking of going to spencers to pick her up a card and gift, their cards are simply halirous, and i love their novelty/gag gifts, Lola would apperciate it! But i'm getting her a Real gift as well so it all balances out!
    Unfortunately puchiko will not be at her party.. on the 15th she is going to calgary with some buddies for about 6 day.. well basically a week.. i'm going to miss her to death. But hopefully i can see her right when she gets back, she also said she would phone me during her trip so that it will be eassier on me.

    You know you learn to really apperciate the beauty of Disney movies once your old enough to understand the full concepts of the story.

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