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vk (valencia) wrote,
@ 2003-08-25 21:04:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:N'Sync - Everything I Own

    Monday! Pay Day!
    Hey.. pay day.. finally hehe.. Bought a handphone for myself yesterday day. Sony Ericsson T610. Not a bad few. with camera feature and nice color panel. :) Love my new phone. Actually kinda missed my old hp cos it's given by darLin.. oh well..:) I still can see it everytday since it's with my sis now. Oh well, I really hope darlin can get a similiar phone. hehe.. we can use it together then! Blue toothing together.. :) Tired today... So many many calls. Tired! :P Pick up closed to 20 calls. hehe..
    Leant driving today. Was raining heavily so did not learn parking. Jsut went on the road for one hour. So tired! :( Going round and round the same place! :( And somemore I gotten myself drenched while rushing to the UBI driving center :(. Hate my hair being wet. Had a slight headache when driving. Oh well... feeling better after the shower already. Dun really feel like having dinner cos too tired already. hmm.. will update again.. hehe.. getting lazier and lazier.. how how..bow wow wow.. hehe :P

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