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vk (valencia) wrote,
@ 2003-07-20 22:55:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:Sixpence None the Richer - Don't Dream it's Over

    Weekend's Over!
    Sunday is over! haha... tomorrow gonna be another hectic day!I hate monday morning! Lotsa calls! oh well. what to do? Anyway, just 5 days more and I get to rest again. Had not been taking driving lessons for the past week. Really too tired to learn driving when I work till 7PM. Just thinking of going home and sleep.

    Anyway, gonna squeeze some time to learn no matter what. Hopefully I can get my Licence on my first try.. which is kinda hard ah. haha..

    Went to Orchard in the afternoon, had some Halah Thai cusine at Far East. Not bad. Late afternoon, returned to darLin's place and napped for 2 hours before watching the VCD, Infernal Affair. Watched twice before but still can't resist watching the third time. Andy Lau and Tony Leung are simply gorgeous. heh! After that, we drove to Chinatown to have dinner.. Had prawn mee and some wo xian xia bin. Very smoky down there ahh... but the worst thing is darLin getting a ticket for not displaying a parking coupon. Damm.... thought that it is free parking on Sunday! :( Glad that darlin did not flared up!

    Just bathed and guess will have to wait till my hair dry before I can sleep. Ya, bought a top from shibuya [] also.

    About all..heh.. night!

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