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vk (valencia) wrote,
@ 2003-07-18 22:21:00
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    Current mood: flirty
    Current music:Sarah Connor - Skin on Skin

    Friday!!..finally hehe... but not that it's any good cos I've to work on Saturday!! Duhz!! Anyway, it's ok.. I can watch a few movies and time to go home! And working with Glenn tmr.. hope it's not too bored...Will go disturb him. :P hehe.. Alright, I know I'm comforting myself.. hehe.. but that's how one keep oneself happy isnt't it. No much happening today..

    Talking about work, nothing much actually. I kinda feel guilty cos I actually screwed up one of Bern's user. :( Tried to help him by giving him the guide to uninstalled and installed GW but in the end, screwed up the bloody program. :( But Bern is kind enough not to blame me. Then Claudine came to know about it. Darn, I think she's not very happy about it. Still give me that kinda face. Hey, I just trying to solved this on first level. what the hell?!
    If not for other colleagues, I will really resign ffrom this job... Can't imagine the day Kian went away. :(

    Oh well, that's about all. Nothing much to write about. will update it when I think of sth then.. hehe....oh ya.. poor darlin is still in the camp doing some stuff.. poor him. Wished that I can give him a hug and some hot soup.. *hugz darLin* I can imagine his tired face and garfield eyes now.. hehe so cute!

    Alright.. really gonna end. :P hehe..

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