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Vin Diesel (v_diesel) wrote,
@ 2003-04-20 23:21:00
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    I'm upset now.
    No, I'm not just upset. I'm fucking pissed.

    I'm sick of people calling me some dumb fucking action star. I decided to search the net today cause I'm researching for my upcoming film Hannbal the Conqueror, and I made the mistake of taking a break and just searching the web. I see this website that shows basically my whole profile. By that I mean all my work and stuff, what I've done, and these people on here that act like they know me, they don't know shit. Saying I'm this big dumb action star who basically doesn't know a pee from a tomato. Whatever.

    Oh well. Then somehow, I got on a site that was for Michelle, about her, and they had some quotes that she said. She's such a great girl, reading that site and her responses, and what I actually said in retaliation was just funny and nice to think back on.

    I don't remember it very clearly, but I know it happened - a reporter asked us if we've had sex, and Michelle replied something like that even if we had, she wouldn't tell them, and they asked me, but I forgot what I said. I love that girl because she complimented me very nicely, and naturally I'm human and love compliments when I'm feeling shitty. I think she said that she thought I was going to be stupid, but that I was actually very smart and some other stuff but yeah, that made me feel good.

    Then she goes on to say when asked if we called each other after meeting for the first time, that we didn't, cause both of our egos are too big. Haha. My ego isn't...well it isn't that big. I suppose everyone has a bit of an ego, I'm no exception.

    Pre-production for Riddick is going great. I'm so excited for this project. It's going to be fucking bad as hell, especially for the people who thought Pitch Black was good. Now I'm glad I basically begged my ass off to do a screen test for Riddick, he's become one of my favorite characters to be.

    My eyes are drooping - bye.

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2003-04-21 02:47 (link)
Well fuck what people think. Don't let it get to you. The people who appreciate you all know that you're not just some big dumb action star. And after our conversation from before, I think of you as far from that. Feel better, Vin.

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2003-04-21 12:00 (link)
Hello there. *smiles* I don't know if you know who I am, but my name's Jessica and I'm a huge fan of yours. *grins* You're a great star, and NOT just an action star. All your movies are really wonderful and I hope maybe sometime we can chat? My AIM s/n is xxjoyfuljessie. Let's chat sometime. *nods*

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