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Jaclyn (uthinkurspecial) wrote,
@ 2003-07-01 19:57:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:I Must Not Chase the Boys * [Play]

    hey im so bored right now and no 1s free so im stuck all alone :( oh well. this weekend was great. i rented Grand Theft Auto [Vice City] and i played it for 3 nights with ari n staci n euge n lex... fun game! lol im so bad, but its so addicting oh well... umm what else happened, o yeah no MHU on that day when ari and staci slept over, she like encouraged me to have an s/o with them yay mom! lol it was crazy we stayed up until 4 AM playing GTA and talking and EATING lol gold fish at like 2 AM fun fun! heres some jokes that we made lol great times ARI N STACI BFFE!!! ok here:
    coffee slut (c) arielle
    getting caught in the bushes and walls ARI AND STACI lol in GTA
    i can only escape from the cops when theyre chasing me in the car right away ONLY ME, JACKIE!
    don't kill the old ladies! LEMME HAVE THE CONTROLLER! - staci's words on GTA lol
    u can feel the kick in ari... uh oh
    staci go back to bed (c) jackie
    u shmuck! (c) staci

    "too rich for my blood"
    jackie=5 [i win]

    LOLOLOL great times guys! hmmm what else happened? oh yeah i spent all of last sat. with ari lol and MY DAD SURPRISED me with a CELL PHONE!!! woohoo IM me for the # if u dont have it already its soooo nice and im sooo proud of it lol sry im braggin, but its so cool! free nights and weekends baby! hell yeah thats what im talking about lol

    ahh look what i just wrote:
    SiMpLePLaNChiK25: y thank you sweet staci
    Staci113: lol sweet jaclyn?

    lol staci... and ari i cant wait for FL!!! ahh were gna wreck that city, baby!

    umm sunday... what did i do? ahh yes hung out with my sis' friends and eugene... swimming is fun... lol and sadly, GTA had to go back to Easy Video which sux, but i think were buying it yay! wow eugene has such bad taste in music... yeah and i finally got the text messaging to work woohoo!!!

    eww yesterday was vb, but it was good only went to 5 instead of 5:30... i hung out with ari n staci and we went to staci's karate class... weird but cool staci! sparring rox! lol ur instuctor is CRAZY AND OLD! lol omg i was freezing in there its sick! and then we had ice cream at staci's... caramel is the bomb!

    today: went to this gay oldies concert with my sis and g-ma cuz SHE wanted to go... eww it was horrible and then i waved to a councillor that i didnt even know... oh well he was staring at me anyway lol and as soon as i got home, eugene came over for like 20 min and then me n my sissy spent the whole day together. she was on her bike and i was rollerblading around the park 6 times! its sick! and then we went swimming and i paintd my nails sooo bad, but oh well who cares right? yeah and that was about it... im gna go watch real world later tonight and ACE IS SOOOOO HOT FROM THE REAL WORLD!!! lol yeah im gna go check my mail now staci n ari lol i have to see this lol bye!!! <3 Jaclyn xox

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2003-07-02 12:57 (link)
ok jax.... you spend too much time with ari and staci not that thats a bad thing i mean i think they are corrupting you to being a little odder j/kj/k i am glad that you had fun w/ them
check it out babes xoxox ily


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2003-07-03 11:30 (link)

Michelle- I don't you but I dont like you. You sound really mean. I'm Jaclyn's friend from Vermont and I think that whoever she wants to hang out with should be fine with you. Be a nice person.

Ashley T. From Vermont

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2003-07-03 23:18 (link)
Hello there. I don't know what this whole hoot is about, he*k, I don't even know ya! HaHaHa!! Well, if there's one thing that I've learned in this great green world, it's that fighting doesn't solve kapoot. I think you should stop this now. I've heard enough. I think you both are being l*sers. Sorry that I have cursed so much in this post, it's just that I am very flustered at this point in my life. See, my pet tarantuala named Eggbert just passed on to the after-life. My Great-Grandma was traumatized, for she had been Eggberts owner at the ripe age of 4! Also, I had a substitute teacher 5 weeks ago. And, I didn't get the perfect scholar award. I was so d*pressed. (sorry for that curse!) I know i'm blabbiling on and on, so I shall stop and leave you with this quote:

"Give me chastity and continence, but not yet."
- Saint Augustine (354-430)

Thank you, Ginga Snap McSummer.

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