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Jaclyn (uthinkurspecial) wrote,
@ 2003-08-08 21:00:00
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    Current mood: pleased
    Current music:Teenage Dirtbag * [wHeAtuS]

    howdy y'all, today i went out for breakfast with my grammie cuz it was her birthday. omg we went to the furthest diner omg y couldnt she just go to the one in fair lawn or elmwood park? NOOOOOOOOOO we had to go to one thats like 30 min. away :( oh well w/e i guess she deserved it, i mean it was her birthday after all, 73 baby and kickin! wow im impressed... yeah there was a hot guy there so i guess it was worth it after all... uhh yeah and then we went to Marty's shoes cuz she had to get another pair of white shoes, and i got nothing :( oh well i guess i didnt need anything anyway... what else... ahhh yes we went to IKEA!!! fun, fun store! lol theres so many things in there and my mom got 2 stools and this paper towel holder thingy... the stools are cool... it was fun i guess just walking around omg that place is huge... [oh btw, its the new one by the GSP]

    after shopping and being out all day, i went over Staci's house with Hali and we looked at her camp pix, [nice pix babe!] and then she had to go :'( lol they were still in there pajamas, but thats ok... ummm OH and then Staci and I were looking at the FLHS newspaper and seeing where the graduates were going to college, and then we decided that were going to the same college and so is Ari... we have our eye on a certain few, right Staci? lol and the sober colleges are OUT OF THE PICTURE lol that was crazy... eww my mom came so early, oh well

    omg the dinner i had was HORRIBLE!!! look out pasta pro, theres a new kind of macaroni in town! its tortolini with meat inside them and then topped with a cheese sauce ewww me n Alexa both think its disgusting and we told our mom that we liked it, WHAT A LIE!!! lol its GROSS

    after i went to the park and practiced serving cuz i suck at it, but i wasnt doing too bad, but still im not great. so i went there for a while and got too hot and jumped back in the pool for a while and layed on a raft and thought about stuff...

    ok im gonna go and work on my homepage cuz i have nothing else better to do until SPIDERMAN comes on at 10:00 on MTV... watch it!!! the cartoons so cute!!! yeah the link is on the top by the picture on this blurty, so u can go there i guess and sign the guestbook of i want... PLEASE WANT TO! yeah ok bye xoxox <3 Jaclyn

    ***a few words of wisdom: beware of cheese covered tortolinis***

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2003-08-11 18:23 (link)

Billy Joel!

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