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Jaclyn (uthinkurspecial) wrote,
@ 2003-08-05 17:20:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:[aMeriCan bAd a$$] * kiD rocK

    hey guys... bored out of my mind here and waiting for my mom to come back from the hair place so i can eat dinner... wow i am pretty hungry... yeah. before my dad wasnt writing back to be :( i was so unloved :( but then he did yay! :) ari saw a deer across her street before lol what is this world coming to?! hmm what else happened today, oh yeah i went to annie seize and khols before with my mom n sis. me and my sis got underwear for real cheap at khols! we are proud lol hmm what else happened, ummm nothing really. im on the downstairz computer cuz my sis was on mine all day playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. i mean its a good game, but come on! i think all night yesterday and most of today is enough, dont u think?! jeez

    ahh kazaa isnt working on this computer! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?! it keeps saying that the files have failed to download. wtf? oh well i guess ill just have to go musicless for a while :( o wait! heres KID ROCK! woohoo!!!

    i was watching home videos before and man are some of the things me n my sis [alexa] did are hilarious! lol we were great when she was turning one and i was 4! lol us separate are retarded, but together were so funny! lol hmmm what else, oh yeah the holiday pagent at school was on the tape too. lol u see all of the milnes kindergarden classes together singing on stage, and they think theyre great, but in reality, its horrible! lol oh well, thats what u get for being 4 back then... humiliation at your own school

    i want fooddddddddddddddd yeah im gna go now i am really bored and there is nothing to talk about so ill write in this blurty tomorrow or something w/e ttyl xox c ya <3 Jaclyn

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