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Jaclyn (uthinkurspecial) wrote,
@ 2003-07-08 22:58:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Comforting Lie * [No Doubt]

    hey guys ari and i went to the mall, and staci was gna come, but she got grounded :'( its ok babe... there will be other times and a BIG MHU SHOUT OUT TO STACI!!! i feel so bad for u babe!!! i take that shit all the time from my mom... it happens to the best of us... yeah ari made me go through hell today watching the BLS :'( it was ok though, i survived luckily. yeah we went to the mall and got ice cream and i was poor so i didnt buy anything else. omg we walked around the lower level twice, we lost like 10 ice creams lol right ari?! and then we saw ppl from our school there: jackie g, rebecca w, and steph h and we talked for a while and left... it was fun

    yeah i got a new screen name it is: RockChick92588, i will try not to use SimplePLanchik25, but w/e i still have it i guess... this one is better though YEAH umm what else happened today... oh yeah i went to the library and i got 3 movies: Brighton Beach Memwiors, Mr. Deeds, and Meet the Parents. i also got a No Doubt CD: Return of Saturn... its pretty good and old... but thats ok still good

    i also went to mandees and rag shop and payless and rainbow... it was fun, even though i had to go with my grandma and sis, oh well... i got a $4.50 shirt at mandees its sooo cool and black ahh i know another black shirt, but its soooo cool... i got string and a photo album at rag shop, so now i am offically broke, when i get money i have a bad habit of spending it on clothes and shit that i dont really need but i think i do at the time and its the coolest stuff :: or so i think :: but oh well :'( hmm i had burger king today cool, eh? yeah i know im just the cool cat around this town

    12 more days until FLORIDA ARI!! woohoo!!

    ok im tired/bored right now so im gna go to bed soon... c ya <3 Jaclyn

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2003-07-09 21:15 (link)
hahaha i tricked u into thinking someone posted a comment!!! u fell for it hahahaha!!! yeah im bored sry k bye jaclyn

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