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Davey (used_hero) wrote,
@ 2004-08-18 19:08:00
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    Current mood: pessimistic
    Current music:The Remembrance Ballad - Atreyu

    Episode 15: Funeral March.... In Camp Form
    Hey, yea, I know, it's been long, but times have been busy, life has been hard. Honestly, I have had no time to write or to think. Shame too, because I have alot on my mind. Band camp has really been a pain. Fun sometimes, most times, I pure pain. The Drum Majors are fine. Sometimes Colleen Gets a bit to dictator-ish, but I understand why. She really wants us to be good, and she is some what of a perfectionist. I like marching, but for fricken 5 hours? Please, NO more. But then you do it for 5 days.... yea.. It all adds up to a big number.... and it's not a good thing my friends. Yea... I have been trying to hang out with Linz, but are scheludes have been a tad wee crazy. I am pretty sure that's the case, but in my ever doubtful mind, I'm in fear I some how scared her off, like I do ALL the time to the girl that I like. Why am I such a freaking loser when it comes to it? I dunno. My friend, Marisa, says it's all in my head and that I give up too much. Hopefully that is the case. I dunno, I may be a loser, but I really care about Linz, and I do anything for her. May be corny or over used, but yea I would. Anyway... I'm pissed, I got my license, but my mom now will not let me drive anywhere, she over all just doesn't trust me, even if she is with me, I can't drive. Heh yea, too much shit for poor little Davey, but it's life, and with out it... you'd be..... dead! Well, It's all for now, i'll try to write more again. Ciao

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2004-08-31 15:16 (link)
Marisa knows best

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