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Davey (used_hero) wrote,
@ 2004-08-01 13:09:00
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    Current mood: discontent
    Current music:Fade to Black - Metallica

    I guess I should update this, eh? Well, life has had it?s ups and downs. Wednesday, I don?t recall anything happening.... shame really, t?was very.... boring. Thursday, was... interesting, I took some quizzes, they were interesting to say the least. There was also the fact that Crea came over to chill out. We ended up going to the mall. We both just got a game, and look at some other stuff. I burned Crea?s Mitch Hedburg CD. That is really funny stuff. Friday, was pretty bad. Besides few games of NFL 2K5, it blew. I am sorry for all the disappointed friends of mine who came to my house, hoping to come in and see me, and was only welcomed only to a locked door. NO! I?m not dead. I wish I was though.... because the Toms River Tournament was a total waste of time, Unless you?d enjoy seeing All Mercer County wrestlers get slaughtered by South Jersey Elite. It was cool Because we went to Friendly?s afterwards, but my friend?s sister decided to eat as slow as possible... then left her purse there, only to remember while we were half way home from the hour long ride. Let?s say it was waste of a possible good day. Sorry all my amigos, I still love you. Well let?s get to Saturday. See, this was a good day. Why can?t more days be like that day? It started off a bit on the bad side, when I got out of the shower, Shane had immed me, saying Lindsey had work, so we couldn?t have practice. I was ticked, but a little confused, because I thought she was off. I later found out I was right, when she immed me. I don't know what was up, but yea, she WAS off. So we just talked, and decided to see Napoleon Dynamite. So we set it all up, got the time, and said we?d meet each other. So Then I just hung out with Matt, Kyle, and Joey until Marisa and Monica came over for a little bit, telling me that I had to go see Napoleon Dynamite. (heh, funny) We then just talked about are marching band and how she enjoyed drum major camp. They left, then I had dinner then headed out to the movies. Linz was there waiting, I got her attention, then she introduced me to her mom and sister in the car. It was weird, but it happens. We went in and talked a lot before the movie, which was cool. Then we watched the movie, made some funny comments to each other during the movie. Everyone who knows me, knows I have curly hair. So I kept asking Lindsey if my hair looked like that. She smiled and said no, and tried to confirm to me that mine looks a lot better. I told her to wear the ponytail on the side, she just laughed about it. Afterwards we decided to walk to my home, Which isn?t that far, we just wanted to chill and talk more and to introduce her to the member of the band she has not yet, Matt, my brother and guitarist. We got to outside my apartment complex and saw a very familiar car, Lou?s. I came in, knowing Lou?s Car was outside, and just yelled Lou. I showed Linz to my room, where Matt, Lou ,and Kyle were. We talked about the band a little and then hung out at my house for like 10 minutes until her mom picked her up. After she left the rest of us just talked about stuff until 2 am, when we decide to sleep. Well today we were suppose to have a practice at 2pm today, but that fell through. Hopefully we can have one tomorrow. Matt can?t make the Monday practice because of past plans of hanging out with friends. Me and Lou weren?t happy to hear that, but we can figure out where he?s coming from. We just think the band is more important than a hang out. Well Anyway, That?s enough of the 4 day summery, I will try to be more avid next week, I was just too... lazy to do it. Well...... Rock on! Ciao.

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This is Episode 10...
2004-08-01 13:23 (link)
Yea... I have no clue what the hell happened, it's really pissing me off. It screwed up putting "?" instead of " ' ". It didn't type up my title either.... plus, it won't let me edit. so yea... sorry!

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Marisa is commenting cause she got mentioned in the entry
2004-08-01 18:15 (link)
DAVE HOW COULD YOU!! YOUR DOOR IS NEVER LOCKED... WHY WOULD YOU START NOW? EVERYONE THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD! YOU EVEN DISAPPOINTED CREA CAUSE HE COULDNT GO IN WHILE YOU WERE GONE AND EAT YOUR FOOD AND WATCH YOUR MOVIES!! It's ok though cause you confirmed you were alive the next day. Yeah your journal enry wasnt as messed up as you think it is... its still understandable. YOU DIDNT ADD IN THE PART WHERE MATT BEASTED YOUR DAD AT THE MATCH. Napeolean Dynamite rocked. I want a llama... but i guess ill just have to settle for the 3 chickens I have in my back yard. Monica says she loves you.. she hasn't tried to kill you yet so that should confirm that. END_

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2004-08-01 19:06 (link)
Hey, I thought that the SOuth Wrestling Tournament was fun, and Friendly's was ok, I just got mad when we had to turn back. You guys are retarded, lol

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