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Candice (urmonkeycandy) wrote,
@ 2005-03-11 17:24:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:"letter bomb" ~green day

    first day of work...
    omg my feet and arms are so tired. i think i burnt the end of my finger tip. b/c strachen's was short a few pple i had to clean dishes, make waffle cones, and serve pple. yea it was stressful for my first day but its gonna get better i hope. does anyone know exactedly how hard it is to scoop out ice cream? its freakky hard and it requires muscles, something that i lack. while i was making waffle cones i burnt my finger forming them. and the girl who was training me had work there for a year and was telling me that she hated it. joy! but hey i get free ice cream every shift (srry i can't give out free ice cream to my friends) and i get tips starting my forth shift. so i have 3 more shifts to go. im gonna go watch a movie (1 or more from the 8 i got from the library). i think i might watch either 'good will hunting' or 'naked gun 33 1/3' relaxing and then i get to do it again tmrw morning at 1. toodles!

    ~ candice

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2005-03-11 18:05 (link)
haha. i kno EXACTLY how hard it is to scoop out that ice cream >.< i used to help out at a friend-of-the-family's video store where they also sold ice cream. the worse part of that was i was too short to reach the bottom row of ice cream cuz thye had it stacked. so i would like be leaning over the edge of the freezer with my toes off the ground scoopin the icecream out of the very bottom of the container. fun times :-) im gonna visit u tomorrow lol :-)

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