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Candice (urmonkeycandy) wrote,
@ 2005-02-15 22:25:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:listening to blake count

    survey that i took, but i swear i answered these questions once b4

    Everything Anyone Ever Wanted To Know About You

    Created by LaBelleAmie and taken 7382 times on bzoink!

    The Basic Stuff
    Name?candice day berner
    Height?5' 8"ish
    Birthday?sept 4th, 1988
    Birthplace?long island, new york
    Current Location?my dad's comp
    School/Grade?phuhs, 10th
    Zodiac Sign?virgo
    Chinese Zodiac Sign?i think its the dragon, awesome i can eat all the other signs...not like i would want to
    Righty or Lefty?right
    Haircolor?dirty blonde
    Skin Color?white
    About You
    What's Your Family Situation (Parents, Siblings, etc)?i live with my mom, sis, and two brothers
    Any Pets?yea
    If So What Are They?two turtles and a very annoying bird
    Favorite Relative?i love them all but i have to say my cuz sara
    Least Favorite Relative?my bro brett (if that counts)
    What's Your Heritage/Race?irish, german, dutch, and a smidgen of hebrew
    Political Affilation?REPUBLICAN and proud of it
    Love & Sex
    Are You In A Relationship Now?yes
    If So, With Whom?matt
    For How Long?since aug 2004
    Are You In Love?yea
    Do You Have A Crush On Anyone?um no just him
    Ever Had A Crush On Someone Of The Same Sex?ewww that's grosser than gross
    How Old Were You When You Had Your First Kiss?um...16
    If Not, How Old Were You When You Had Sex For The First Time?n/a
    Was It Enjoyable?wtf?? are u serious
    What's The Farthest You've Ever Gone?um making out....i think....yup
    Where Do You Most Like To Be Kissed?um...lips and *cough* secret spot lol jk but not really
    Best Love Quote?"love is like the wind. you can't see it but you can feel it" srry matt i had to put it
    Your Friends
    Best?um...most of my bff's from middle school are just good friends now b/c i barely get the chance to talk to them but i do have some close friends
    How Many Do You Have?mucho
    More Guys Or Girls?girls
    Love Them All?oh yes more than life itself
    Any You Wish You Were Closer To?yes
    Oldest?um...crap now i have to think...i think 22
    Pen Pal?n/a
    Friends And Words: Associate Them
    Pinkflower lol
    Mothermy mom
    Breadpotatoe bread!!! its the best
    Insaneyes i am
    Sunglassesdont like them
    Pimpslap da hoe!
    Lonelylos lonely boys
    Carvw beetle
    This Or That
    Boxers or Briefs?doesn't matter
    Thongs or G-Strings?arent they the same thing??? idc b/c i dont wear either
    Shorts or Pants?shorts
    Shoes or Barefeet?flip flops!
    Books or Movies?movies
    Night or Day?depends on what mood i'm in but i think night
    Dark or Light?dark
    Mountains or Beach?mountains
    Snow or Sun?damn idk i miss snow but i like the sun...its a draw
    Pepsi or Coke?coke
    Guys or Girls?guys, if thats in a sexual way
    Swim or Surf?i havnt surfed yet, but i liek to swim
    For or Against
    Gay Marriage?against...thats just gross
    Abortion?against....thats murder depite what pple think
    Bush Getting Re-elected?awesome he deserved it more
    War?only if its nessecary
    Pants?i hope everyone is wearing them
    Clothes In General?for
    Penises? comment
    Color?blue or yellow
    Number?7 or 14
    Holiday?christmas or my b-day
    Season?summer is to hot winter is to cold so i think fall
    Movie?crap thats hard but i love the nightmare before christmas
    Book?perks of being a wallflower or princess in love or boy next door
    Magazine?seventeen b/c its the onyl one i read
    Food?i have no idea! i love all kinds of food
    Drink?sprite, oj, pink lemonade, and i guess water
    TV Show?still standing, dr phil, csi, who's line, joan of arcadia, umm i think thats it b/c i dont a lot of tv
    Song?thats really hard b/c my favs always change
    Band?i still have to say linkin park even though they havent come out with a new cd in awhile other than remix ones, they still rock b/c noone sounds like them
    Computer Game?the sims
    Video Game?all the super mario brothers for super nintendo
    Anime/Manga?dont like either....
    Shirt?"i'm special!" with ralph and "fighting only makes it tighter" another ralph shirt
    Pants?ooo the one that have that striped belt
    Actor?orlando bloom and johnny depp
    Actress?julia styles, kate hudson, and julia roberts
    Singer?kelly clarkson idk?....
    Flower?rose or lily
    Scent?vanilla, leaves and charcol burning
    Cookie?peanut butter and sugar
    The Future
    Want To Go To College?yes
    What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?an RN specializing in trama
    Want To Get Married?yes
    Want To Have Kids?yes
    What Would Their Names Be?idk hope or levi think there is a list
    How Many?2 or 3
    Where Do You Want To Live?idk fl, tx, ny, or illinois
    Where Do You Want To Get Married?in a church
    How Do You Want To Die?in my sleep when im 100+
    More Stuff About You
    Piercings?one in each ear
    Tattoos?not yet...hehe
    Smoke?ew gross *gag*
    Drink?no i hate alcohol
    Do Drugs?nope im high on life!
    Skinny Dip?nope
    Greatest Fear?being alone, spiders
    Chocolate or Vanilla?chocolate
    Go To Church?yes every sunday
    Scars?yes a huge one on my right knee, a couple little ones on my left, and one on my cheek
    CDs Owned?i have 15 or 16 but i dont want to name them
    Collections?i collect those state quarter... i know its dorky but oh well
    Like To Be Naked?*cough* no
    Ever Eaten Sushi?yes it was good
    An Entire Case Of Oreos?no my tummy would hurt
    Been On Stage?yes
    Danced In The Rain?yes
    Kissed Someone Of The Same Sex?other my female relatives, no
    Weirdest Dream?i have to many to name
    Best Dream?dont remember
    Saddest Dream?dont remember
    Dream You Most Wish Would Come True?i win a lot of money and everyone in the world had a puppy and there will be world jk
    Think You're Attractive?yes i guess
    Been Caught "Doing Something"?umm what is "doing something"???
    Weirdest Makeout Place?on a shaggy carpet
    Like Thunderstorms?yes
    Favorite Shoes?all my flip flops
    Favorite Quote?"napolian don't be jealous that i've been chatting with hot babes all day"
    Best Advice Given?"dance like nobody is watching, sing like nobody is listening, and live life to its fullest"
    Worst Advice Given?never eat yellow snow
    Favorite Song Lyric?i have no idea "i'll get over u i know i will. i'll pretend my ships not sinking. and i'll tell my self i'm over u b/c im the king of wishful thinking"
    What Quote Says Most About Your Life?"life is like a box of chocolates u nvr know what ur gonna get"
    Glad This Is Over?hell yes! now blake can go on

    Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

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this in no way pertains to ur post!
2005-02-16 22:21 (link)
ive got a lo-ve-ly bunch of coconuts (deedley-dee) and there they are a-standin in a row (bum bum bum) big ones small ones some as big as your head!!!!!!!!!!! *mimics zazu* ohhh i never had to do this for mufasaaaa........*mimicking scar* WHAT did you say?!?! *zazu mumbles something about comparing scars greatness to the meekness of mufasa* *mimics scar* NEVER mention that name in my presence again!!

*nostalgic for the good ole disney days* hey im with u 86-ing v-day! and one of my friends kc would prolly help, and cyndi! and prolly more!!! WE SHALL TOPPLE VALENTINE'S DAY FROM ITS OVERSTUFFED PINK FOOFY THRONE!!!!! *cheers*

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Re: this in no way pertains to ur post!
2005-02-16 22:49 (link)
oh yea!!! ;D

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2005-02-17 22:11 (link)
Yay I'm your favorite relative. You're mine too!! hehe. lyl! ~Sara~

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2005-02-18 15:32 (link)
lol! yay! *feels special*

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