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kim (urmomisahottie) wrote,
@ 2004-07-27 01:21:00
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    Current mood:i don't know
    Current music:yellow card - ocean avenue

    you're in the xander zone.
    "Is this guy gonna hump my leg or what?"

    "Take off these handcuffs so I can beat the shit out you. "

    "Knocked over a few Seven Elevens, have we?"

    "Bitches, come!"

    i swear. besides the part where vin diesel's shaking like a little girl, i love the dialogue. it's so typical. i don't know why i like it. but i do. and that makes me a freak.


    absolutely nothing has happened. c spent the night friday and saturday. alan went with me to pick her up and we all hung out at his house and ate pizza and watched STUPID dreamcather. i swear that movie would suck its own balls if it had any. ugh. alan is so going to hell for convincing me to rent that. saturday we all went to see the bourne supremacy. i thought it was pretty nice. except for matt damon looking so completely sick. someone needs to feed that kid. apparently bryan, who never called me at all ever, was in the theater with us and he tried to get our attention, but we were too cool to notice. afterwards, we went to alan's house and watched ringu. which is way wierd. i love the part where that japanese guy smacks the hell outta that woman because she's all exhausted and doesn't want to go down in the well. it was nice. and then sunday. catwoman with loan and c. nice. without the nice part. god. that movie sucked worse than any made out of a stephan king book. including dreamcatcher. god. i am so embarrassed for everyone in that movie. seriously.

    oh yeah. and apparently, helen is a stoner now. she keeps calling randomly to tell me about how she smoked weed and boys tried to take advantage of her and how she's in love with this 24 year old loser who sells pot. and how badly she wants to smoke again. and how she smokes by herself. which just spells cool. not. ugh. i hate people who do drugs and then act like their on them all the time.

    i'm sick of everything.

    school starts in a couple of weeks. this is my last summer before college. it sucks.

    i need to burn my flesh and get a tan so everyone will shut up about me being pale. so sorry i'm not perfect.

    i miss someone. and it's sick because i shouldn't. and it's not the icky person. so just shut up.

    i never want to speak to dan ever again. everytime my phone rings i'm terrified that it's going to be him. but it isn't. because he's never going to call again. hopefully. i'd rather listen to tim talk about himself and his stupid poetry than spend two seconds talking to dan. that's mean. but true.

    and what's so great about poetry? poetry's pretensious and gay. well, at least it usually is. like, when tim writes it. i'm sick of boys and poetry and lying. if you just don't want to be with someone, just say so and DON'T stay with them. it's so stupid. because when you lie to make them feel better and then go back two times, and leave for the same fake reasons and then start going out with some other girl in the same scene a month later it is the ultimate slap in the face. i'm tired of boys acting like little babies and wanting everything they want no matter what they have to do to get it. i hate wanting to be friends with someone because they're funny and nice but then wanting to slit their throats beacause of the shitty things they do to people they should at least care a little bit about.

    i'm through with the whole dating scene. it's just too boring. and it's such a waste of time. i'm never going to like anyone else. this is just the way it has to be. girls are so stupid sometimes. how can they not know that someone doesn't want to be with them? or, maybe they do know, but they're too afraid of being alone so they just stick with it.

    why would a guy go out with someone he doesn't even like for four months when he's "on the rebound" and still likes his ex? it's stupid. i'm so sick of boys. all they care about is their image and sex. it's pathetic.

    god. this is some seriously boring crap. and this song is so predictable and stupid. why do i like it?

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