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kim (urmomisahottie) wrote,
@ 2004-06-09 14:34:00
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    Current mood: surprised
    Current music:sum41 - fat lip

    another victim of conformity
    wow. i can't believe i'm listening to this crap. life. i've been hanging out with dan a little bit. like, sunday he came over, but perry was being a wierdo and wouldn't let him inside, so we just sat outside. monday, i spent the night at c's and i played uno with her and her little sis. and then her little sis gave me some clothes. it was nice. then, tuesday, we played vollyball and badmitton and uno again with her little brother and his extremely tall friend and c and her little sis. it was great. then i just terrorized her little bro's friend. i took some air freshner stuff and kept spraying his ass with it, and it got all foamy, so i wiped that on his butt. it was soooo awesome. then perry picked me up, because it's fair and all, and he snapped at me on the way back about the radio. then we got home, and helen called for about the tenth time and i picked her up and made her cds and took her home. god. dan called while she was here, and she started acting like a freak and circling me. what a wierdo. so, whatever. dan and i made plans for today, and i told perry after i hung up with him, but he was being all dictator-like and told me i could only see him on weekends. which is gay, because it's the summer and i'm not five. so we yelled for a little while. but today, he's being more reasonable. so, it's all good i guess. whatever. i have to go do the dishes.

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