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kim (urmomisahottie) wrote,
@ 2004-05-14 15:06:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:thursday - the dream

    man, i'm a volcano
    today was so boring. i cannot wait for school to be out. and then i can just go to my job everyday. when i get one of course. this sucks. ugh. today, during chem, dan was bleeding, so i asked him why. he said that mark pushed him or something and he was trying to get up really fast, and he scraped his hand on the wooden part of the counter. then he pushed or hit mark. ugh. so stupid. but anyway, then i got him a papertowel and a bandaid to put on it. so, hopefully it won't get infected or anything.

    i read a raisin in the sun last night for the book test i took today. it was good, i guess, but really boring.

    i saw ben this morning. twice. he came in to give mrs. p a guidance note thing for someone, and then i saw im when i was coming back from my locker. i can't remember why i ever thought that he liked me. he doesn't. it's so obvious. i swear. i must be the stupidest person in the world. i'm an idiot. ugh.

    matt g and chad and i played cards during sixth. it was nice, i guess. but matt didn't seem all that into it. i don't know why he says he wants to play if he gets bored with it so easily. i helped him out again today when chelsea was saying something to him. i feel really bad for both of them. because chelsea is so annoying, yet she can't help it. hmm. i wonder if my dad would take me to get my license today. probably not. wouldn't hurt to ask, though.


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