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kim (urmomisahottie) wrote,
@ 2004-05-06 20:31:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:frankie valli - working my way back to you

    dick makes a booty call
    man. i took the absolutely gayest test ever today. 198 questions. it took one and a half hours. 4th period. i freaking hate all that naturalism and regionalism crap. and mark twain is a fucker.

    i love not taking my backpack to school. when i told stephen yesterday, he thought i just forgot it or something. like, how do you forget your backpack? it's kind of obvious. i got to talk to stephen yesterday. like really talk to him. it was nice. i'd missed not talking to him. he picked on me about ben and it sucked. but whatever.

    today was nathan's b-day. so he, loan, stephen, calvin, and i went to dinner at chili's. it was so awesome. then we went to the mall and jessica met up with us and her and stephen kept kissing. "oh, baby!" it was so nice. she's so sweet and pretty. i'm so glad that they got back together. it's so meant to be. i felt kind of awkward around her, because it's like i talk about her with stephen and listen to him go on and on about her, but i've never really talked to her. today was the first, i guess. she's so silly. i like her. i'm definitely stealing her away from stephen now.

    i showed ben to nicole today finally. we were walking to her car in the student parking lot and he was behind us, so i was all, you wanna know who it is? he's the guy behind us in the plaid shirt. so then she looked and was all, ooh he's hot. yeah. then he walked by and i told him that plaid shirts are sexy. i'm so middle school. i really wish that he liked me. it's so unfair. oh well, whatever. tomorrow's friday. maybe it won't suck. maybe.

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