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Tommie Wilson (urbancowboy1027) wrote,
@ 2004-06-13 23:15:00
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    Current mood: distressed

    Of Prides to be...
    Well, I spent the day in DC today at Gay Pride. I love the environment and was glad to be there. I still have one more pride to go... in Minneapolis. I keep having this dream about this guy I like, and happens to be the only gay guy I know in the Twin Cities. Anyway, I'll be hanging out with him and his friends for six days in the cities, most of which will be spent at clubs and other pride events. Well anyway, I keep having doubts about this trip. Honestly, I don't think I'm very attractive and this guy I like is. I keep having this dream where we are all out at a club and when I finally get the nerve to ask him to dance, I get shot down. I know I probably shouldn't worry about it because we have danced before.
    At the same time, I'm dealing with the fact that anyone I meet in Minneapolis will be a fling or one-night stand. I've never really done anything like that before, and I don't know how I'll handle it. I am pretty big on finding serious relationships with commitment, and I'll be in an environment that whatever I do, needs to be temporary.
    Anyway, on a lighter note, I had the distinguished honor of observing the fabulous musical talents of Melissa Ferrick live. I was seriously within twenty feet of her! Granted, I was one of maybe seven men within thirty feet of her, but still. I got to see Melissa Ferrick live!

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