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amber (amdizzle44) wrote in unsent,
@ 2010-02-21 20:24:00
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    Dear Ex-

    I hate that you wouldn't give me a title. That the concept of a relationship was so hard for you. I hate that I can't hate you one bit for the hell you put me through over the last 3 months. You were my first everything. EVERYTHING. And if you broke up with me because I wouldn't have sex with you, then I think that's complete and total bullshit. You weren't worth my virginity. And I still will probably never understand how you could blame all of this ending on me never jumping out of the friend zone with you.

    So you make out with all your friends then? You tell all your friends that you're dating them? You spend 48 hours straight with your friends, watching movies and kissing and talking about the future? You take your clothes off with all of your friends and jump into territory that is completely and utterly new with all your friends? I knew from the get-go of your experience, and you knew of mine. I knew of your reputation but for some reason, I still saw the good in you. You were my best friend.

    And now... now we aren't even speaking. And it's breaking my heart. Every single day.

    I loved you, kid.


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2010-02-24 09:42 (link)
Aww girl, i went through this once... he is not worth it! There will be a guy that is willing to commit fully to you. you did the right thing walking away. I did the same.. And i refused to give up my v-card to him too.. and im so happy i found a guy that i truly loved and truly loved me to do that with, even though were not together right now, i have no regrets giving it up to him.

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2010-02-26 02:23 (link)
I agree with her... keep strong! we have all been in the exact situation.. and the one thing to keep you going is having someone to talk to! :) you deserve to have a guy be obsessed with you... who cant go a day without making sure you know that youre on his mind!

it just takes time... but you can do it.


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