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jenny (unknown_zone) wrote,
@ 2005-04-30 23:12:00
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    Current mood: blah

    quite proud of myself today! usual,dinner party at home...thought I'd run away and hide in the hostel but stayed put...although I had a emotional outburst....i faced it like a man!!
    I hate parties (atleast any in which my dad's involved...)
    It's like a zoo for kids where we are shown off,asked to display our talents,paraded...judged...critisized in front of strangers,"smart cracks" made at our expense for the "entertainment" of the masses...:(
    sad,sad memories...although I put an end to most of it in quite an unpleasant just refusing to "roll over and play dead"...
    full description later(really tired today)

    Saw my first laproscopic surgery today!!!it was an hydrosalpinx...:D...rather cool! plus,finally got to see a vaginal hysterectomy in finer details (this one's damn difficult to get-uterus removed via the vagina!!)

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2005-05-01 01:35 (link)
critisized in front of strangers
That's the true mark of someone who is inadequate; one who seeks to build themselves up in their social circle by denigrating their children so as to side with their friends against them. Remember this when you are older; never, ever do it yourself or associate with a man who might. I don't think you have any desire to do so, but parents have a funny way of stamping us, so that we repeat their failings (as Philip Larkin so ably said).

uterus removed via the vagina
This reminds me of the gynaecologist who wallpapered his hallway from outside the house doing all the work through the letterbox --- ;)

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2005-05-01 05:20 (link)
LOL! that's really funny!...I don't know about repeating my father in my life(though I hope that NEVER HAPPENS!) but no gynaec is EVER getting in...;p

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2005-05-02 12:43 (link)
*(Chuckle ;-)* at gynaecologist joke...

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