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Twiggy the Disgruntled Penguin (undeadmercy) wrote,
@ 2003-10-03 23:13:00
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    My First Cast Bonding Experience
    Wow, today had a very active afternoon; between "Sticky Fingers", afterschool cast bonding and my parting from the campus I think I've tired myself out...completely. I didn't even get home until 9:50-ish!

    "Twiggy goes to get pizza after scraping together 50 cents and taking her "last" dollar from her wallet, and then "Sticky Fingers" wants some. It gets better she had noodles and Twiggy was going to starve afterschool until 9 at the least. What's up with that?! Err, that just really pissed Twiggy off...she acts like such a ninth grader. Hopefully she'll grow out of that because as of now she's the equivalent of Twiggy's little sister; a whiny, self-centered, egotistical, estranged eleven year old...sounds annoying huh?

    Today was the first cast bonding event that Twiggy had ever been a part of and it was quite invigorating for the body, soul and, definitely, mind. Twiggy got to be a lame, romantic suicidal actress who wasn't really lame, but wanted people to notice her...then my teacher added, to that character, an secret cop lying under all of the former subsequent characterization; everyone thought she was the killer. Then Mr. G *stereotypical fawning sigh here * (that's an extremely long story in itself) had us act out a number of scenes/objects before beginning our final activity, "Taxi".

    After they were done with all that jazz (*sings * "…and all that jazz!") they all stayed afterschool with the rest of our non-play production class members and acted like goof balls; singing the first songs that popped into their heads. Twiggy and "Cheeky" got very much acquainted with one another *awww * and shared a peck between squished faces. It was so adorable. Twiggy wanted so badly to kiss him again…but no…that would cause her to lead him on to something she herself was not sure about; and so the night ended, as many always do, with her mother coming to get her in their red Honda civic."

    And that was my day, folks, boring as always. This is Twiggy the disgruntled Penguin saying, "g'night".

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2003-10-04 02:34 (link)
lol sounds like you had fun

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2003-10-04 03:11 (link)
Yep yep!

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