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Christine (ultra_violence_) wrote,
@ 2005-09-07 15:19:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Silent All These Years

    Classes officially started yesterday morning. I started the day with Western Art at 8:15am. Yeah I know, that's incredibly early for me, but I'm not the one who scheduled my classes. That only last for about an hour and then me and Seth were free for the day. We came back, ate then made a trip to the art store and Coe Camera Shop. Afterwards I took a nap and Seth hung out with Morgan all day. A certain person visited me and it was rather awkward. I then finished my homework and turned in for the night.

    Today has been pretty much the same(kinda depressing if you ask me), save for the like 3 mile walk we took to F&M to buy books. I only had to buy one thanks to Diana who is letting me use her old art history book. So instead of spending about 155 bucks, I only spent about 45-50. Go me!
    Communication class is going to put me to sleep, I can tell already. Too bad he kicks you out if you sleep in class. See, this is where I wish I was at a big time university with 100 kids in a class. You can get away with alot more. I dont know, maybe I'm just not one for slacking off?

    Aahhh, Seth is out right now and I'm here alone. Tis slightly depressing. Well, I'm off to be homesick.


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