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Christine (ultra_violence_) wrote,
@ 2005-09-05 23:35:00
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    Current mood: nervous
    Current music:Crazy On You---Heart

    The beginning of something interesting.
    So I finally have my internet up and working thanks to my roommate Seth. It took him two weeks to actually get around to doing it, but I'm not complaining. Unfortunately since it's been so long since I could have started this journal/webpage/what-have-you, much has happened and there's never going to be time for me to really bring my adoring fans up to date. But I will try to make my first entry interesting enough.

    These are pictures of me and my friends(which are all upperclassmen by the way.). I'll put a caption under each picture so you all can know whats going on.

    Seth(roommate), Emily and me. Em said I look like an amish boy in this picture. Lovely. Least I know I fit in with the locals.

    Seth, my gay alcoholic father Chris and me.

    Me pretending to pick my nose after the Throwdown concert.

    Ashley and her birthday boobie cake. Seriously the best night I've had in Lancaster so far!

    Me and Chris at Ashley's b-day party. We're slighty intoxicated(it's college, what did you expect?) in this picture and he had just told me that I was his favorite freshman :)

    Me and Josh at my place being stupid.

    Em trying to be gangsta and me not knowing what's going on.

    Josh, Cassie, me and Justin yelling at people from our terrace.

    My laptop that's finally working.

    Me(and my pit stain)in some dire need of sleep.

    Cassie the night before classes start

    Cassie modeling my obnoxious pink messanger bag. Too sexy!

    Zach was with us at Ashley's b-day party, but was able to dodge the camera every time. Hmph. So incase any of you dont know what he looks like, here:


    Now for the nitty gritty. My first class is in about 8 hrs and Im really nervous. I was going to put all my supplies into my bag earlier tonight, but it didn't happen. I went to Dairy Queen with Diana and Ashley and then just hung around the usual people till about 8:30. I'm really too nervous about school starting to actually get anything into my bag. Putting things in there will make it all too real that my summer is now over and I'm pretty much giving up my social life. When classes start, it's going to be so surreal. The minute I step into that school tomorrow, I'm making my dreams com true. I'm going to be attending an art school in the state of PA and I'm going to go places. It's almost to insane to understand. I've been waiting for so long for all of this and it's officially happening tomorrow.
    Well technically today, so I need to sleep. I will definitely write about my first day of class when I get home later.


    P.S: Feel free to leave a comment or whatever by clicking on the "have at it" link below the entry.

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2005-09-06 20:42 (link)
great pictures

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