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Christine (ultra_violence_) wrote,
@ 2005-09-13 16:06:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Drive My Car---Beatles

    Aahh the college life
    Sorry for the lack of updating. Between classes, friends, and Zach I've been pretty busy. Even though i've had classes for only one week I'm pretty swamped. Actually, I shouldn't even be doing this right now, but I owe it to you guys to tell you how I'm doing.

    Friday: Went to Oral and Written Comm in the morning and almost died. The teacher is really nice and sitting next to Seth and Kevin is great....but the subject matter is HORRIBLY BORING! I seriously wanted to eat my own head about 20 minutes into class. And there's these two girls, Allison and Shelly, that are so stupid that they make George Bush look smarter than Einstein. How sad is that? And by the way Allison, no one cares that you went to LA to become an actress. Especially me. Anyway, after class, we all hung out in the cafe area and then went to Drawing 1. I was pretty nervous because if you guys havent noticed already, I suck at drawing. I suck bad. All we did was draw lines so it wasn't bad. We were supposed to stay till 5p (the class is 10am to 5pm cuz it's a studio class)but the teacher only held us to 4. It went quicker than I thought it would.

    After class me and Seth went back to our place and rested for a bit. I got some packages from home which made me feel better. Cassie came over and then we went to meet Morgan(Seth's 15 yr old semi girlfriend). We all went to this cafe thingie called Chuckles. It was pretty awkward and the food was gross. We came back to our place and chopped a watermelon in half with a sword(pictures later!). Seth was bring lame and didnt want to go to the movies with us. He wanted to chill with Morgan instead. So me and Cassie left them and went with Colin to see the Exorcism of Emily Rose. It was the funniest movie I have ever seen in my life. Now that's only because I was with Cassie. Normally that movie would hve made me pissed myself in terror, but Cassie kept making fun of everything so I couldnt stop laughing.
    After the movie we all went to Diana's and did what we did the previous weekend. We all drank too much and had a dance party in Diana's room to bad 80's music. Kevin(a dude from classes) and that was pretty cool. he's a cool kid. He kept trying to take a picture of me, him and Diana, but none of them caem out because we all were too intoxicated to really do anything normal. Seth was be pretty self righteous about not drinking like the rest of us, so I got pretty pissed off. But Chris and Kevin made me laugh and all was well again. BUt then Seth got moody and we had to leave. He walked home too fast for me the whole time and I felt like yelling, but yeah...I kept my mouth shut.

    Saturday: Woke up around 8:30 and showered as quickly as possible before picking Zach up with Josh. Josh took us back to my place and we napped for a bit. We tend to nap alot....I swear, we're already an old couple. We woke up and I made pancakes for us which made Zach declare that I am the best girlfriend EVER. It was nice to hear that. Seth wokr around 3pm and it got kinda awkward, but me and Zach left to go have lunch with Em and Josh. We had an absolute BLAST with those two! It took us forever to eat because we were laughing so hard the whole time. AFter lunch we went back to my place and Zach slept while I went with Emt o a sex toy party our friend Chris was throwing. I seriously think I need to go back to therapy after that party. Being surrounded by that many horny old women was seriously disturbing. I also got stuck there longer than expected so Zach wasn't too pleased when I came back. Whatever.

    Cassie, me, Zach and Em hung out for awhile and around 11 all trekked over to Matt's for his party. It sucked by the way. The place was too small, there were too many people and I drank my white russian too fast. So Zach took me outside to sit down and I pretty much rambled on and on about "us" and made myself pretty sad. Colin saw me all mopey and came over to cheer me up. That dude is hilarious. But since Matt doesnt know how to throw a party he kicked everyone out. We all ended up at Diana's again and did what we always do haha. I had more to drink and Seth was being a jerk about it the whole time. Thank god Zach was there to keep me happy. Except when he had TWO ciggarettes. I WAS SOOOOOOO PISSED OFF! So I sat upstairs with Chris and Amanda and we had a Tori Amos sing-a-long. Seth got pissy again and we all went home around 3:30am. Zach too had too much to drink so trying to get to bed was quite an adventure. Let's just say neither of us had remembered how to stay on the actual bed and we kept tripping and falling everywhere.

    Sunday: Woke up around 10am and felt a bit sick to my stomach....but yeah, liquor will do that to ya. Even though Zach had less than I did he felt worse off than me. So we laid in bed till about noon or so and then made ourselves some ramen. There wasn't much to do(though I should have done some homework)so me and Zach took a nice long nap. Seth woke us up by pounding and screaming through our door that we had company coming over. Some chick and our friend Cassie came over and we went to this not so great cafe with some crappy lighting that made me feel even sicker. Afterwards that one chick left and we all treked over to Cassie's and watched some tv.

    The walk back home was awkward. Seth wouldnt talk to either me or Zach and I think he was trying to maybe get away from us. Whatever. If he can't handle the fact that I actually have a boyfriend who wants to see me, then he can kiss my white butt. Anyway, we came home and me and Zach had some brownies I had made earlier and then pretty much crashed.

    Monday was pretty boring. Had a new class and got out early and then pretty much sat around. Of course I took a nap and while I was sleeping Seth brought over his usual 15 year old. *sigh* Had a war with my computer for most of last night so not alot of my homework got done. SO yeah....that's what I'm off to do now.

    Fell free to leave me a comment, e-mail or give me a call :)


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