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Amanda (uhmanduh) wrote,
@ 2004-10-11 22:52:00
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    Current music:"Tiny Dancer" -Elton John

    When times get busy, i need a vacation. I want to run away... far far away where nobody knows my name or recognizes my face. I want to do something great with this time that i have alive. But what? Everyday i seems to doubt my ability to make a difference. I want a green planet. I want people to recognize that we are our own demise. We pollute our land and we pollute the minds of our children to believe that we can trash things and everything will be ok. damnit humans are idiots.... \

    the end.

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hola chica
2004-10-18 23:54 (link)
damn i am in the mood to write. What is funny is that i totally could hijack your shit, like write untop of everything you write, comment on everything, comment 4 times, like 32 times if i wanted. This is a weird scheme going on, that i can reply, rebuttel arguments and the like. I firgure what the shit, why not, i got things to say, thoughts to write down, i'll write my shit with amanda's help. I like what she writes, i agree with what she says, she seems to have a good noggin, if she gave me her address i'd send her a book or two for her to read. Amanda, shit just gets worse from here. I have been hypothesising, and shit is gonna get mad worse. Take all that time you don't spend drinking and wating time at parties where all people do is talk and not say anything. take your time you could be spending there and educate the shit right from your rectum if you catch my drift. LIke, college? that shit is a fucking money hole, you could teach yourself so much more relevant shit. Read a book. Talking about garbage and green planets and moronic humans, there are many of us in agreement, so of us with better heads write what they think to, and how we can change shit for the better, or if not change it, fuck, like do something atleast. I am a hyprocrite like everyone else and i spout agenda and so forth with little to back it up. But i love reading what you write, like feeling you reaching out and caring and trying to understand this crazy fucking time we live in. Fuck graduate school though, naw that is just more money in the toilet, we go travel the world uh? go learn about how people in iceland deal with this shit. teach me not to cuss it is vulgar and is demeaning to my arguemnet and opinions. a damn shame.

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