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lexie (uhlexis) wrote,
@ 2004-01-08 20:23:00
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    Current mood: stressed

    har har har.

    hm. i`m thinkin about making my journal friends only, idk though. i made a journal at livejournal a couple days ago just for the hell of it, i didnt know you dont have to have a code or pay now? hm. so i just might use that one, idk. anyways, im gonna post a convo with me and leslie from earlier cause i think its cute haha :x then im going over to devons later, i think? hes not home yet though so iuno. er okay bye

    LESLiE (5:20:51 PM): yeah I know, its a never ending cycle of bullshit:-\
    ME (5:21:06 PM): so block him, delete his emails, dont talk to him OR pb him :x
    LESLiE (5:21:12 PM): lol!!
    ME (5:21:16 PM): lol
    LESLiE (5:21:24 PM): temptation becomes too much for me though!
    ME (5:21:39 PM): you always have me!!
    ME (5:21:41 PM): ;-)
    LESLiE (5:22:17 PM): woooooooo
    LESLiE (5:22:20 PM): you don't want me though.
    ME (5:22:27 PM): OMG YES I DO
    ME (5:22:30 PM): ;-)
    LESLiE (5:22:33 PM): you want (someone)!
    ME (5:22:42 PM): OH BUT I WANT YOU MORE!!
    sdkfjasldfj something from some guy? smufy!
    LESLiE (5:23:09 PM): yeah we can hook up
    LESLiE (5:23:14 PM): and I'l tell Steven that.
    LESLiE (5:23:17 PM): and I've fallen for you
    LESLiE (5:23:23 PM): so he'll lave me the fux alone
    LESLiE (5:23:24 PM): leave*
    ME (5:23:35 PM): lol, hell like hack me or some shit :o(
    LESLiE (5:23:40 PM): lol~!
    ME (5:23:43 PM): he will!
    LESLiE (5:23:51 PM): the worse he could do is crack your aim
    LESLiE (5:23:56 PM): he doesn't really do anything but spam.

    "the worse he could do is crack your aim" well idk about you, but i dont want my aim cracked!@ can we still be lovers though? :D ILY LESLIE!

    `Alexis <3

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2004-01-08 21:53 (link)
woo, we are LOVERS<3 ilu~*!@*!#&!~@*!@

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