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Tyler Pistol (tylerpistol) wrote,
@ 2003-06-20 10:45:00
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    Current music:American Steel "Jagged Thoughts"

    "It's true! I am the Lindburgh baby!"
    Yesterday was quite an eventful day. Jeff returned to Soulseek, and told me needed an emergency appendectomy. I guess it was ready to explode! That was scary and exciting. Then I ended up talking to Cyndi on the phone long distance for the first time in ages...last time I spoke to her she was a single girl, in a studio apartment. Now she's got a bigger place and a fiance, and a Nathan to keep her entertained. She also introduced me to the new MSN messenger, which has some fun new options. You can play tic tac toe with people you chat with, and you can use this decision wheel to help you run your life. All in all, a good time.

    My parents and brother get here tomorrow. That will be the first family reunion since 1999. It will be fun. We get to eat out at good places and see the sights. We're going to do things that I haven't even done yet since moving here. It will be good seeing my family again. I can remember back in January when I said goodbye to my parents and June seemed so far away. It seems like everything has changed since then.

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