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Mel (twowindmills) wrote,
@ 2004-01-29 23:11:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:"Ba da ba bop baaaa, I'm lovin' it"

    la vie est si bonne
    Life is so good right now...I haven't felt so happy in quite a while... :oD

    I worked Sunday-Tuesday, but now I'm done for the week, and that makes me happy. Yay for relaxing! Wednesday Gretta and I went to Noodles then shopped a bunch at Mayfair..and we saw Dre there!!! Yay, Oshy girls...that night I went to Alissa's and got to play with little Koby, then went down to Marquette to vsit Adam, but he wasn't around to check us in, so we just ended up going to Pizza Shuttle and hanging out at Stace's house. Today I drove to Bristol to help Lauren make her old jeans into a skirt and after we decided we wanted to drive to Gurnee to shop, so that's what we did! Tomorrow Ryan's taking me to the Hi-Fi and school supply shopping at Target, then later I'm hanging out with Stace and maybe Oshy friends that are coming to Milwaukee for the night, we'll see what happens...Saturday I'm seeing Cold Mountain with Sarah then she's taking me to get alcohol for 2nd semester! I love my big sister. :o) Tyler wants to definitely meet up for the concert on Wednesday, eek!!! :oD So excited..and Jon's talking to me right now....damn, when it rains it DEFINITELY pours. But I love it.

    BAHAHhahahahaha I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!!

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