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- . Thing's I'll Never Say . - (two_saftey_pins) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 16:47:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:In a Whisper - One True Thing

    what would happen if we kissed?
    Alright. rant and rave time, if you don't want to hear it, then i suggest you stop reading! NOW! Alright, so there is this certian someone, we shall call her whitney, because, well, that's her name...she's in love with doug. gr to that. it's bull shit. so when she's with her boyfriend, mike, all she thinks about is doug. aw, hell no! all she will do is fuck him over, like every other guy she's gone out with. i'm still deeply in love with doug and i don't want to see him get hurt, ever. he's my baby, still, and i will protect him as he protected me. she says that doug flirts with her...duh, doug is a flirt, and just because he flirts with her, uh, that doesn't mean shit. i can flirt with any damn person that i want, but that doesn't mean i like flirting with whitney. and another thing, she is always in my dear friend tiff's way. aj isn't her's anymore, aj now belongs to tiff, so back off. i love tiff dearly. oh man was she pissed. tiff has enough shit and she doesn't need whitney's.
    god, i'm still in love with doug. i'm not ready for him to like anyone, or anyone to like him. to me, he is still mine. and for a very super long time, it will remain that way. i'm not sure how he feels about me saying/feeling this, but it's what i feel and it's not going to change. i don't want to control him, he can go fuck another girl for all i care, but it would hurt because i'm not done with him yet. yes, we are broken up, but i'm not ready to give him up yet. i don't know if i ever really will be ready. doug is a great man, one of the best i know. he tries hard to please everyone, and yes, that is so super hard. so many of his friends take him and his niceness for grated. personally, i'm sick of it. god, i love him.
    it was great after school, i was making doug come with me everywhere. i love his company. he can make me laugh even when he's not aware he's doing it. just being around him makes me smile. then there's whitney, i could tell that she was getting mad, so i dragged him with me even more. i don't want her to rip his heart out. i'm afraid for him that she'd hurt him more then i did. look at what she did to aj, to zac. she's not doing the same thing to my baby cakes. i wanted to kiss doug good bye when i left, but i didn't. i simply kissed my hand, then put it on his cheek. he wanted to hold my hand. i'm not even sure why i pulled it away, now that i think about it. i shouldn't have. i love his hands. i feel so safe in them, with them around mine.
    *sigh* i'm such a loser. i can't help myself though, because i'm away from the one that i love and i can't be with him. i don't know. i just don't want whitney to hurt him....
    (Tiff, we need to do something about this)

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2003-12-01 19:04 (link)
yes!! revenge shall be ours!! i'm so ready to kick some ass. whitney is going DOWN! i shall tell you the story of after you's interesting. not to mention, tj is getting a kick in the face, just cuz i'm angry and he deserves it

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2003-12-01 19:51 (link)
uh-oh, what did TJ do?

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2003-12-02 21:04 (link)
You are pathetic. This whole thing is pathetic. I would assume Doug and AJ are allowed to make their own decisions, without their girlfriends getting in the way. They are big boys. They can handle themselves. I highly doubt getting some "revenge" is going to solve anything. You guys all complain about drama, yet you constantly invoke it.

Just let everyone live their own lives for once. Why do you all have to constantly involve yourselves? I know you care about Doug and AJ, but they are adults and have control over their own hearts. Will getting some revenge change the way they feel? Will they love you more and them less?

And lets spread some rumors too while you are at it, because that would just be like totally awesome and a total worth of energy and time and really show off some maturity as well.


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2003-12-01 19:12 (link)
this is doug. just to let u know i do love u. i do wish we could get back to gether but u seem to like being just friends. and as much as that sucks for me i guess i will have to get over it.
love much doug

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2003-12-01 19:57 (link)
I love you two, and I want to be more then friends, but I don' t know....until after Christmas...
I love you,

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