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SiR AiR (twiztidsuicide) wrote,
@ 2004-02-18 06:51:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:TwiZtid - CNT

    Wrap yo head up in a glad garbage bag...
    I got Headz steady fallin off all around me, shit haz been wicked!
    Any one been on tha coppin` block lately...i have been looking into the mirror but i have not been able to see the reflection too clearly. Can any1 think to remember where the crow from the neck is currently residin`.
    Ressurrection through all of the Juggalo's eyez.

    I got a cracked and shattered reflection when i gaze into the mirror.

    I want you to touch the mirror and say "twiztid inside yo mind se7enteen times"

    My eyes are burning, time to think about getting new balls for da sockets...can i borrow yourz?

    The outlook i see is foamin` over the top and the sound it makes is deafing but i turn it up more to drown in the noise because silence is even more deafining...BITCH WHUDDUP?!

    I doubt that any peeps are showing their true love right now because as we all now the final part of the Wraith Era: The Sixth Jokers Card is soon to be upon us. Many are afraid of whut this may mean for them in their own life, but know that the message is running deep with tha hatchet and don't worry bout shit cuz..:we don't die, we get high, we don't DIE! we get high! DIEMUTHERFUCKA DIE!!!

    another brand NEW NEWz updat from your nasty neighborhood twiztid cereal bowl killing juggalo: I GOT SOME WICKED SHIT FO DAT A$$:
    :CHECK IT: Brand fewkin` new Rydas album is in tha wurkz, and ya'll ain't ready for that bass pounding shit unless you got two 12"z pushing at least 300wattz each...i know that shit is gonna rip!

    :straight outta Jay's stink hole:~"Hope y’all ready for some flavor. Just when you all thought it was over. You thought you, as a Juggalo, had been deemed too much freshness with the coming of Dark Lotus. You thought that the Hatchet Fam couldn’t get any fresher. YOU THOUGHT WRONG… HIT THE BONG, AND PASS IT ON. You have yet more coming. Another fuckin' spoonful of medicine, another hit of that bomb shit. Our news taking away your painful blues. Ladies and genitals, get ready to nut your panties and boxers as I drop a neutron bomb upon your face. I will now peel back your wig so far back you will find it all the way at the heels of your feet. You are about to get schooled like a college professor. I’m going to… fuck it here it goes. I announce to your very eyeballs, right here and now, the return of…
    Cell Block, Foe Foe, Lil Shank, Bullet, Full Clip and the introduction of Converse and Sawd Off. The Psychopathic Rydas."
    :i hope all you juggalos know `bout blaze ya dead homie and Colton Grundy by now...if not will open you shit up real WIDE knee-GROWZ...hehehe
    :The Gathering of the Juggalos 2004 is finally here...tha freshness that will ensue as of july 15th til july 19th it'll be crucial...whos going with me...i will eat a goldfish for a ride to oHIGHo to see tha wicked shit...IM NOT THROWING UP SHIT either!
    :mo info of tha Gathering: tix go on sale march 1st at 7:00pm thats a monday so get yo time right LO!

    You best get on tha ball before that shit rolls over and crushes that ass...HAHAHA
    That's enough outta my stink hole so go blow up yo skool or something, IM OUT!!
    FresH AiR

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