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Jessi (twistedjess) wrote,
@ 2004-07-09 13:28:00
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    Current mood: chipper

    a heads up....!
    i'm going to miss you guys! i'm going away for the weekend and i'll be back online on sunday, not that it really matters, cause no one reads this anyways. lol. ^_^

    last nights dream...oh my goddess....i got engagded and married at 16 to sev. and the family was happy about it! although, it was a christian wedding...which really scared me because, heh, i'm wiccan, and thast not cool lol. i woke up in tears of joy...i wish it were real...but umm....yeah. we exchanged vows and oh!!! it was so great...heh, i hope i don't scare sev if he reads this, lol. i love you sev! well, i'm off...cheers all. *blows kiss*


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2004-07-09 22:02 (link)
have fun!

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2004-07-09 22:26 (link)
bullshyt no one reads this! i always keep tabs on my friends(if they have journals)...hope u have fun, and no driving ppl crazy!

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*nods head*
2004-07-10 23:40 (link)
YEAH BRANDO! IS RIGHT *grins and brandon and then gives him innocent look* sorry Brandon... bullshit no 1 read this i do all the time i just dont comment because half the time i just call you or IM you.. but have fun all weekend and i will hear details when you get back

also- you and sev in a christian wedding?? i think that scares him more then marring you... lol *huggles hunni*

*sings* here comes the bride all dressed in... umm?? would you wear white?? dun dun dundun dun dundun dun dundun *hums wedding theme*


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