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MissConfusedSocialChica Turning Anti-social (twistdconfusion) wrote,
@ 2003-12-18 00:44:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:Footsteps of other family members creeping down the hallway!

    Wish for more time
    I wish when this damn site was able to work around my schedule so I could write it would do so. But no, the days I had lotz to say and some free time this stie was down for who knows what!! And no telling. I doubt that anyone really writes this and i seem to write the boring stuff. I had lotz to write the last few days well almost a week now but its like why write it if its already the past but I might do so if i have the time.

    Thanks to my girl, Jenna for letting me go out to eat with your wonderful parents and getting to see that good good long movie with Dreammy Mike!! HeHe. Thanks David for not going!!! I got to see HIM!! That one guy that you like so much or feel wierd around that you cant seem to speak of any such words around!! Every have that happen to do?? He is my ONE!! LOL it makes no since I usually talk up a storm but around him I am almost a MUTE!!! NO NO I can not be a Creature!! I got more Baaaaaaalllllllzzzzz than that!!

    Well enough now I am getting sleepy and I am debating about work for tomorrow!! I am feeling grrrrrrrrr I have the worst headache ever, along with a sore throat!! Why must I be getting sick??????? GRRR always the wrong time!! I feel weak too even at the gym I got so wore out so fast and on a low resistance compared to my usual! I usually dont sweat that much either or so quick but this time I did!

    Goodnight to all, more sometime.

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Hey Shortay Shortay Shortay (i hate that song grrr chris lol)
2003-12-18 08:26 (link)
True gurl that shit pissed me off cus i had things to write when it was down grrr! Also i hope u get better dawg! take care! Also check out this journal dude all these people are connected in someway i feel like im reading a script for General Hospital lol lol lol or ER LMAO!!! holla @ ur white gulr! 1

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2003-12-18 08:29 (link)

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