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MissConfusedSocialChica Turning Anti-social (twistdconfusion) wrote,
@ 2003-12-12 14:47:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Sum 41 - Still Waiting

    Good Stuff from Mark's
    MustangLX757: You are such a pretty girl
    MustangLX757: you just like the attention
    jewel143chic: and you’re a hot guy
    MustangLX757: Snuggling would be nice
    MustangLX757: be home to snuggle up in the bed with you
    jewel143chic: aww
    jewel143chic: I wish
    jewel143chic: :-(
    jewel143chic: of course
    MustangLX757: You do have such a sexy butt though
    MustangLX757: nice and curvy
    jewel143chic: really
    jewel143chic: haha
    MustangLX757: yes
    jewel143chic: ;-) thanks :-P

    washburn085: go really wasted last night hahah
    jewel143chic: really??
    washburn085: I am leaving on sat, I could any time now though
    jewel143chic: I seem to do that EVERY weekend this whole YEAR
    washburn085: ya, you ever had the 190 proof everclear
    jewel143chic: dang
    washburn085: well, ya...I do every weekend
    jewel143chic: strong stuff there
    jewel143chic: really
    washburn085: I had 4 shots of that
    jewel143chic: I got to come visit? big parties there u been to?
    washburn085: only heard of peeps takin 3
    washburn085: ya, we have good parties
    jewel143chic: yeah
    jewel143chic: word
    washburn085: the last month has been bad, cause frats run outta money
    jewel143chic: u need to bring JOHN LOL that boy needs to get out
    jewel143chic: dang
    washburn085: but they get more dues next semester
    jewel143chic: hehe
    washburn085: if he wants to
    washburn085: matt g did
    washburn085: he was gone, it was funny
    jewel143chic: hehe
    washburn085: walked into a pole
    jewel143chic: ouch
    jewel143chic: lol
    jewel143chic: I went to some ODU parties
    jewel143chic: and I went to Longwood College and Lynchburg already
    washburn085: any good?
    jewel143chic: Longwood was good parties
    jewel143chic: Lynchburg ok
    jewel143chic: u have to find the people first which is hard, well some that aren’t ugly weirdoes
    jewel143chic: lol
    jewel143chic: yeah if I went to Radford I would have partied too much
    jewel143chic: and been drunk all the time
    washburn085: hahahaha
    washburn085: ya
    washburn085: that is THE school for it
    jewel143chic: but was scared cuz I heard #1 for STDs there
    jewel143chic: yuck gross
    washburn085: yup
    jewel143chic: yeah THE PARTY SCHOOL
    washburn085: they got that pretty bad
    jewel143chic: but I don’t need that
    jewel143chic: hell no
    washburn085: hahaha
    washburn085: ya, it can affect you
    jewel143chic: of course
    jewel143chic: so I didn’t go
    jewel143chic: that was the main reasons
    washburn085: good thinking
    washburn085: I wouldn’t go for that reason too
    jewel143chic: oh yeah knowing I party I had to think about that
    washburn085: well, college is different, he will work, I had to learn that
    jewel143chic: I work everyday well weekdays
    jewel143chic: it sux
    jewel143chic: have to get up early and cant sleep til like 1am or so and need to be up at 6am
    washburn085: that sucks, I dun work...but I got no money now either
    jewel143chic: lol
    jewel143chic: yeah I work and have NO money
    washburn085: hahah
    washburn085: it goes quick
    jewel143chic: yep
    washburn085: the more you have, the more you spend
    jewel143chic: I just been doing so on bills
    jewel143chic: grr
    jewel143chic: and car insurance just too it all
    jewel143chic: we pay every 6 months
    washburn085: damn
    washburn085: thank god my parents pay that for me, I dun drive here anyway...but still
    washburn085: if I took a car here, my insurance will double
    jewel143chic: really
    washburn085: ya
    washburn085: its going to be weird living at home...gotta listen to my rents
    jewel143chic: yeah that is the only thing that sux
    jewel143chic: my rents are so wack
    washburn085: haha
    washburn085: mine too
    jewel143chic: I cant have people over really
    jewel143chic: and don’t want to
    washburn085: ya
    jewel143chic: cuz I know lots of people that drink and smoke and guys it is weird
    jewel143chic: so I go out all the time
    washburn085: I do too
    jewel143chic: just now I think they don’t care what time I come here
    jewel143chic: home
    jewel143chic: lol
    washburn085: that’s cool
    washburn085: mine do, which I hate, but they dun care, just gotta tell them around what time
    jewel143chic: each weekday I come home at a different time and don’t tell them where I go or with who but Stacey usually ends up here too after partying I know they hear me!!
    jewel143chic: I don’t know what time
    jewel143chic: its like its the weekend so I’m carefree
    washburn085: hahaha
    jewel143chic: I try to be home on weekdays early for myself to get up in the morning
    jewel143chic: lol
    jewel143chic: the other weekend I ran into the washing machine in the garage lol it was so funny
    washburn085: hahahaha
    washburn085: glorious
    jewel143chic: would have been funnier if on tape or someone saw it
    jewel143chic: lol
    jewel143chic: yeah great move there
    jewel143chic: lol
    washburn085: when we go out, we usually come home with stuff from the frats
    jewel143chic: word
    washburn085: like fog machines, bottles of everclear
    washburn085: it is funny
    jewel143chic: hehe
    jewel143chic: hehe
    jewel143chic: sounds
    jewel143chic: I need to hit up some frats at ODU at least
    jewel143chic: lol
    jewel143chic: but its been so cold grr
    jewel143chic: and I know its colder there
    washburn085: ya, here too...snowed and shit
    jewel143chic: I bet
    jewel143chic: how much?
    washburn085: it was like 3-4 inches
    washburn085: annoying
    washburn085: and all
    jewel143chic: true
    jewel143chic: I hate snow now
    jewel143chic: it was fun as a kid only
    washburn085: doesn’t get you outta school either
    jewel143chic: its not the same now, just a pain
    jewel143chic: nope
    jewel143chic: well work for me
    jewel143chic: my work is closed only if ODU is closed, why there I don’t know since they aren’t near each other!! LOL and then ODU is the last place to ever close
    washburn085: hahah
    washburn085: ya
    washburn085: even when downtown is flooded, they still open and shit
    jewel143chic: yup
    jewel143chic: grr
    jewel143chic: sorry to run I gtg do something
    washburn085: its all gravy
    jewel143chic: nice talking to you and maybe see ya when ur here
    jewel143chic: word I LOVE that saying ITS ALL GRAVY
    jewel143chic: cool dude
    jewel143chic: ttyl
    washburn085: ok
    washburn085: thanks
    washburn085: bye

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