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MissConfusedSocialChica Turning Anti-social (twistdconfusion) wrote,
@ 2003-12-10 00:07:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music:Linkin Park - In the End

    Just Quick
    Today was boring at work. Its like I miss one day and Im so behind. GRR I stayed at work until 5:30pm and then went to the gym. I was so tired earlier I thought I wasnt going to make i the whole day. But I did and Im still up! LOL I went home after going to the gym and briefly seeing David. Then my sister was over and I havent seen her in a long time, gosh I have no clue when the last time was. That is bad but it is how our family is. She was over with my niece, Tony and her Hubby's mom. They stayed for awhile and ate dinner with us. Then I read todays newspaper after watching and hearing lotz of new on my sprint 1ktv on my cell phone. Its cool and quick and something to look at when killing time like a work and on breaks. I wish I could find my book, Milk Run that i have been reading. I dont know where I put it. GRR JULIE WANTS TO READ!! Maybe I just forgot where I put it especially since I tried to clean my room this past weekend. Then I pampered Tommy, my cat for a long time he was crawling all over me as I was laying on the den floor reading. Then I talked with my mom more and cleaned up some, straighten up the kitchem, sliced up a bunch of oranges, and got some Christmas stuff out and ready for my mom to finish putting up. The Cable guy was over working on out computers so I sat at the kitchen table looking through Sundays Career Connection section of the newspaper. Nothing really there that interested me but I will continue to at least look out there. I need to update my resume before I do start and get ready to fax and think about looking at a new job. I felt bad again I dont know why but I have been turning everyone down to chill b/c im tired or just dont feel like it. IS there something wrong with that? I havetn really called anyone back in a long time either. I seem to be stressed about doing stuff that I dont really have time to do like on this house!! AND I am clueless on what I want to do for myself. But I hope to go out somewhere Saturday but I need to call people to make that happen. LOL Well I should try and go to sleep now but I know I wont be able to like usual but hopefully one of these days I will feel complete and catch up on the little things for ME!! But until that time comes I will feel guilty and bad but the laziness kicks in and seems to overpower my body as I come home from working all day and bored and boggling my mind at work b/c there is nothing else to do but THINK THINK and THINK!!

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2003-12-10 03:09 (link)
gurl take the time off to urself!!! I would hehe!!!!! U lost MILK RUN?!?!?!!? o jesus dat book was da shit!!! hope u find it soon so I can read it after you!

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