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MissConfusedSocialChica Turning Anti-social (twistdconfusion) wrote,
@ 2003-11-26 23:33:00
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    First New Entry
    Finally, I had time to write in a journal of my own. It will probably be a little bit before anyone will even see this but I have so much to say. I wonder what I will really get on on this journal and let escape from my confusing mind!!! Lets just do the basic for today. What I have done on this day before Thanksgiving 2003!! The craziest year ever.

    I am a little tired so this wont be the best entry ever but it is the first one on this journal. I used to have another one but I dont know what happened. Oh I know now!! I got too busy with my life to have time to write anything in it. I dont even remember what was said in it or not! LOL

    I did my usual day of working full-time at hell, well not really just to me at times. Too damm early for Miss Julie. I need to get up at 6am each weekday morning to get ready for work and get there by 7am. I get off at 3:30pm. It leaves me with more day time but not really any different from a 9am to 5pm job as I have the same amount of free hours before I need to try and get some sleep. Work is ok but I think I am not the working type of person. I wish, like most, I could just be lazy and have someone cater to all my needs and do whatever it is that I want to do. But you need to big green stuff for that to happen! Grrr oh well, cant I dream?? I seem to work really fast in the morning even if I struggle to keep my eyes from closing all the time. I pull batches out of nasty dirty boxes and make copies of insurance information or medical reports. I also batch Children's Hospital of Kings Daughters medical reports and count the CPT codes, LOL, like anyone knows what I am talking about. And like anyone cares. I dont like my breaks b/c they are boring and short with nothing to do at all. All i seem to do is walk around the office buildings in circles, maybe talking on my cell phone while people look at me like I am talking to myself but actually I have a headset on. I love those things so easy for me to use. But its healthy for me to walk rather than sit there and eat or smoke. DOnt get me wrong at times I do decide to smoke but I am trying to cut back at least a little but it isnt really working out!

    I went to the gym today like I have been for about a month I say now. It is a 30 minute workout. I like it. I try to do it each day. They are closed on Sundays and of course tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Great I will eat all that food and wait til Friday to work it all off!! My energy I say has increased but my eating habits are so off. I am bad I didnt eat anything until like 6pm and I had a homemade hamburger and a baked potatoe!! Next later on I think I had some Wheat Thins crackers. Then I had a big glass of chocolate milk. But I kept drinking my usual yummy water. It is the only good habit I have and I really like doing. I think I have lost some weight from working out. People have been saying things and noticing more than I have. I think I can feel my arms and legs getting tighter and my ass!!

    Well this is a really long entry and nothing really but rambling. LOL I am sorry. More later.

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