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MissConfusedSocialChica Turning Anti-social (twistdconfusion) wrote,
@ 2003-11-28 18:15:00
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    Current mood: irritated
    Current music:AC/DC - Highway to Hell

    Grrr Shopping
    OMG I woke up at 4:30am to go shopping on the busiest shopping day of the year. What was I thinking. I went to Kohls first which opened at 5:30am. While in line waiting outside, I hear this loud crash noise coming from the I64 Interstate. And then I see headlights go down the hill into the trees. It was freaky to see and start my day with such graphic images. I wasnt the only one to hear or see it. People that was caring started to run towards the woods/trees to check up on the incident. They found them. I dont know what they did but people were calling 911 from cell phones. The police and all were quick to respond reaching that area in less than 10 minutes, I say. Enough terrible thoughts to mention. Sorry for saying and telling everyone. I just have been seeing the weirdest and strangest things and sometimes scary things lately. Not good at times. But sometimes boy do I crack myself up with the world around me and what I have seen!

    I spent like 2o to 30 minutes in Kohls and spent like $60 on stuff I didnt need, clothes. Im sorry I do love them!! I need a closet the size of my bedroom!! I want to be rich and have a big house so I can do that!! But for right now I will be just dreaming about that. Who knows maybe I can get some luck down the road with that idea!

    I absolutely hate BESY BUY!!!!!!! OMG OMG I shouldnt have gone in there but the two things my dad and brother wanted for Christmas was on sale big time there. First it took me like almost 30 minutes to park far far away from the store. I walk in and grab my two items and head to check out. Well where did the line begin and end is the big question!!!??? It was nothing but a big zig-zag circle around the entire store with people going every direction not knowing where they should be. I couldnt take it. Im sorry but those games are not that important to stand in line for hours to get them. Sorry and there will be more times for it to be on sale. I was going to say hello to my friend, Ed working there but I was like forget that too, like him had time to say anything back without someone down his back.

    Then I went to JC Pennys at Military Circle. I spent over $100 there maybe like $150 and all but like $20 was on me. Mudd this Mudd that!! I love Mudd Clothing. So cute, comfy, and on sale alot. Then I went to Greenbrier Mall for a little bit and that was it for me. I was done spending my money and around people. And the sales and deals werent that great this year.

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