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twinkly_starz (twinkly_starz) wrote,
@ 2003-08-16 12:00:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:why - avril lavigne

    boredom resides here
    ok, this is ANOTHER requirement, so medyo boring 'to.

    let's see, what happened to me this week that is worth writing about???

    oh yeah, we won the fil thing. didn't really expect that. and im not sure if i want it because it means MORE practice. oh well, we got it, so now we're stuck with it.

    and... i went a party last night. it was the despidida of my brother's friend and former classmate, who is also the friend of eina. so i hung out with eina and her ICA friends last night, while my brother hung out with his xavier friends. the party was ok, i guess. i dunno, don't really have any other experience to compare it to.

    hmmmm...... what else?

    oo nga pala, did you guys see the moon thursday night? SO PRETTY!!! mars was behind the moon, so there was this red glow. it's the nearest mars has ever been to the earth. SO COOL!!!

    well, my life being as it is(that is, pathetic), there is not much more to say about it. so here ends another blurty.

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miss the moon
2003-08-18 06:07 (link)
Oh shet! I forgot about the mars thing!!!! Argh!! I wanted to see it pa naman. Shucks. Oh well... Maybe you should've called me. hah. Evil bea. Keeping wonderful sights such as that to herself. Hmph! (joke)

And I quote Aaron Carter, "CRAZY LITTLE PARTY GIRL!" Yihee!! BEAAA!!!! party girl ka na pala ha! Yiheee.. Buti ka pa. ay social life pa rin. Ako... ito. No social life whatsoever. ARGH!!! So frustrating. Pisay scholars are so... uncooperative. We can't plan one measly gimmick coz everyone's so..... magulo. agh. whatever.

Nood tayo ng pirates of the caribbean!!!! PLEASE!!!

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Re: miss the moon
2003-08-19 04:16 (link)
yes, let's watch it!!! when is it getting released here? and we can't watch it on the weekend before the exams. hmmm....... we'll have to coordinate our schedules and whatnot. but still, we should definitely watch it together!!!

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Re: miss the moon
2003-08-19 20:23 (link)
"we'll have to coordinate our schedules and whatnot"

hmm.. coordinate. It made your sentence incredibly smart sounding. Hahaha. Did you put that in purpose to make me laugh??? well it did. Nyehehe. COORDINATE. ooohhh.

when are your exams??? I'll call you nalang... when I feel like it.

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