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twinkly_starz (twinkly_starz) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 09:06:00
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    Current mood: indifferent
    Current music:seven nation army - the white stripes

    in fulfillment of a requirement
    ok, i don't really want to write on this thing, but according to my self-made rule, i have to write AT LEAST once a week. tomorrow will be the end of that week, so i have to write something today so that in case tomorrow i don't have time, i can still sleep soundly at night.

    im so disappointed in the archers. they lost by TWENTY POINTS! AUGH!

    actually, im not really that sad. i dint watch the game naman, i was afraid this would happen. i went shopping with my tita instead. and as a result of that, i am content but poor. shucks, i think i have to live in the street now. i bought so much stuff kasi!!!

    well, anyway i finally bought the justin timberlake cd. i never thought i would do it, but i did anyway. should have bought the white stripes cd instead. oh well, what's done is done.

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2003-08-12 06:35 (link)
YEAH! you really should have bought the white stripes cd instead! anyway... GO ATENEO! hehe...

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2003-08-15 06:25 (link)
Justin Timberlake ka na pala ha!!!! Did you know that he was booed down in the concert of the rolling stones? He performed there eh... as a guest. (dah) Well whatever. Kawawa naman siya.

What did you buy? Clothes? Make-up? eh??? *curious*

Well.. here I am.. I still abhore shopping though I don't know why. Maybe I should get friends that know HOW to shop... maybe I could learn. -thinks- Mich.... hehehe

so strict with rules ah! lalang. Buti ka pa.

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2003-08-15 23:42 (link)
yeah, i feel bad for justin nga e, he didn't do anything wrong

anyway, wala, i bought clothes mostly. i find make up useless. maybe when im older, but now i don't need it. im already a natural beauty(haha, joke lang!!!^_^)

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2003-08-16 05:58 (link)
wanna borrow my white stripes cd?

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