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Terri (tweets) wrote,
@ 2003-10-10 20:13:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:Kill You ~ Eminem

    Albino ┬žlut >.
    I never knew that ppl can be so damn heartless. This entire month Alicia has been pissing me off and she continues to do so. She acts like such a slut sometimes and I know it's kinda harsh but it's the honest to God truth. She's playing with ppl's minds and hearts and doesn't give a shit who she hurts. She'll do anything to get what she wants and I don't think it's right. She bitches at me for stuff that I do that is wrong and i don't get pissed and lash out at her. But when i go to tell her stuff abou her shitty ways and her crappy attitude she gets mad and claims i don't know what's really been happening. I guess she doesn't know that ppl in our school talk... not good talking either. Sometimes i wonder what life would be like if I never knew her and I frequenly find myself saying "Life would be heaven if you'd have never met her."

    I'm pretty sure ppl who don't even know her would agree with me on that.
    I hate to be so mean to ppl about things but nowadays ppl are rich, spoiled, whiny bitches who use ppl... ::coughaliciacough:: it just makes me sick to death.
    Then there are other ppl who are just completely blind about what kinda of friend ppl really want them as ::coughpatcough:: He claims he's gotten over Alicia and that he likes Sammy, but then he never talks to Sammy and goes places with Alicia after she told him that she would NEVER be more than a friend to him and that she didn't like him the way he liked her. >.< he was "depressed" and she didn't give a shit yet he continues to try to be her friend while he too is talking shit about her like everyone else behind her back. I wish he's stop being a fucking panzzi and just tell her off to her face! What makes everything worse is that over the summer Alicia cheated on her b/f with Pat and then tells him that she doesn't like him... now she like 3 other guys and doesn't give a flying shit about her b/f. John was going to buy the spoiled bitch a $1200 promise ring or whatever but he was talked out of it by a few of his real friends who care about how his lame ass girlfriend is treating him.

    *sigh* I'm too tired to keep bitching about things.
    I'm off to bed


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