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Tha's meh! (tsubagirl) wrote,
@ 2003-08-26 14:49:00
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    Feeling sad, feeling blue...
    Last night I went to sleep at 4 o'clock AM. (Since I woke at 8 AM, it was no more than 4 hours of sleep for me! x_x)

    Further more our homeroom teacher told us, that someone of my group has to take part of the student body. Because nobody was volunteer, they are going to force someone to take that job! *cold sweat*

    Well, gotta go... I have to write some private messages to my vuotis friends and I still have plenty of homework to do. *exhausted*

    current reading: CardCaptor Sakura, volume 5

    current mood: stupid
    current music: Rage against the Machine: Calm like a bomb

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2003-08-26 10:56 (link)
Just a quick message to tell you that I'm alive and well, even if I haven't been on the net lately. I blame Elisa for it. O_O Hope you don't have to take part of the student body, you poor creature. I bet you feel tired, but you're not the only one. I'm sick and therefore feeling a bit run-down myself. *sneeze* Oh yeah, we have our tutor-ilta on Thursday, and on Friday we have Nahkiaiset. Yay, oh yay. *g* The girls' costume is like this: on your head: a pair of boxers, no make-up allowed. As a "top": a plastic trashbag, preferably Alepa or such, as sleeves for "top": stockings. On your feet: stockings, one foot with a rubber boot and the other with a flip-flop. As "trousers": boxers with a thong on top of them. Hm, I think that was it. And it's worse for the boys, so I'm not stressing about it. We don't have to dress up, but I actually want to. :P Fun tradition anyways. And we have these "Slave rules" that we have to follow that entire day. Heh. *waiting for it* Have homework and stuff, so gtg.

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2003-08-26 11:16 (link)
You're sick? I hope you get better soon. ^^
"Nahkiaiset" xD Talk about funny traditions... Well, have fun there!

God, I swear if I have to take part of the student body, I'll change the high school.

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