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Toolman (tsoke) wrote,
@ 2005-02-28 15:37:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Eric Clapton - Mean Old Frisco

    Been a while
    Well, Its been a while since i wrote this....adn don't remember exactly all that happemed in those few weeks, so we'll say it was fun. But I
    ve been doin a decent amount of homework Friday i just crapped around the apt. adn played GTA until i decided to watch one of the best movies ever...Gladiator. It was great. Then Magnotto an Jimmy came back from the bar.......luckily i finished the movie minutes b4 they got home, so its ending wasn't ruined. Then saturday i met up w/ soem ppl to work on a design project at about 1. The nI cam home and made Veal Parmison for the kids, it was good....very good, i impressed myself, mainly by having the initaiative to go toe hte store to get extra stuff likr provolone cheese to melt on the veal patties and some good ol' Italian bread. Good meal, good meal. Then I met up with the same ppl. to work on homework that was due today, and correct them on another assignment that I already had done that was also due today :). Then Sunday came and after church I jsut studied for my Food: Fats adn Fads test that I have Wed morning. Mainly b/c I'll be at the Breaking Benjamins concert Tues. night.......not to mention The Exies AND Theory of a Dead Man are opening for them, and it will be an AWSOME show. As you can see I am pumped for this. But I am also pumped about break coming up adn gettign to see everybody. And sadly it also makes me happy to think that I will have more time to catch up on some class reading assignments and study for the test the week we come back, but thats only b/c I am a loser. Well, thats all for now i guess. Alter

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hey superman
2005-03-01 20:42 (link)
i agree, U ARE A LOSER...hahahahaha...oh wait..i took the time to reply to your livejournal, so i guess u are no bigger of a loser than gonna go cry now. later-----the man that makes the pipe go BOOM

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2005-03-03 12:23 (link)
I love you and all babe, but you need to make the switch to LJ like all of us others. It's really a pain to go to an entirely different site :( but I still love you!!!!!


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