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Toolman (tsoke) wrote,
@ 2005-01-24 16:40:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Rage Against the Machine - Township Rebellion

    Monday Monday
    Well, Its Monday.......yippie....... meaning there are classes to go to.....but I guess I already went to all my classes for the day, so they are done with. And tomorrow I do have a 3 hour lab at 8 AM.....but that is tomorrow.

    Today is today, but this weekend was only 1 day ago, and that is what this entry is about....a weekend update of course


    Soooo, as I was saying. This weekend I hopped up to Clarion to see my girl (Kalynn) and my boy (Dave). So I get there at about 6ish and such and chill for a bit, then Mer, Lisa and Dave....and Dave’s friend from the shlop, Lisa.......remember her.......produce section everyone......... ok anyways, they pick me and Kay up at around 10ish and we go to Sig Pi. While there, I am reminded by Kay that this Lisa girl is the one that worked at the I feel like a little douche........but anyways, there were rumors on Aaron and Taylor making the drive from UP to Clarion for her friend Ellie's B-Day. And guess what, they all show up at Sig Pi. So its like a mini reunion and such and we all have a good time and the usual stupid stuff me slamming my hand onto 4 nails sticking out of the wall in a small diamond pattern.......and of course I am now bleeding. So I walk in on a girl trying to pee and just go back to the party to ice my hand on a fresh beer can. That was Friday.

    And now Saturday I just kinda chilled w/ Kay at her place. then tried to fid the drivers license place......till we realized it was IN the Clarion we go in and find out that about 7 of the 10 stores have closed out of fear of the blizzard. Of course the Drivers License place was one of theses stores. So we go to see what movies we could rent for that night...and there are NO movies left to rent...and it is sad. So we eventually got to church and while there I decide I want a Wendy's salad w/ chili and all that good we go there...and they are 6 PM .....b/c they too are afraid of Wendy’s sucks......AND they close at like 12 on weekends.......this foiled a late night food run some 2 weeks ago. But its cool.......we go back to her place and make something to eat, although I am the only one who can stomach it. Later Lissy (Kay’s 1 roomy) and her over 21 year old boyfriend go get us some stuff to drink and we play some asshole.....until me and him decide we can't EVER be president and quit.

    Now Sunday was an early day b/c my parents came to give me some stuff at about 12. But it was cool b/c they took us out to eat .....mmmmm.....pork chops w/ mashed potatoes and gravy...and stuffing....its was delicious. But then it is game time.....and I watch my Eagles cancel the Vick Experience and win the NFC Championship. But then sadly watch as the hopes of an all PA Super Bowl are dashed early in the second game. Oh well, now we just have to destroy the Patriots....and the thought of them being a dynasty. Then as I get back to my apartment at around 12:30 Sunday night, the only person awake to help me unload is my car is Magnotto, but he just watches me bring everything into the apt. in about 10 trips back and forth. He DID put the groceries away, but that was the extent to which he helped.......more so than anyones else I guess, they must have been tired from not going to the Super Bowl. OOOPS, did I say that aloud.

    But that was my weekend. It was a great weekend......except for tryin' to jump Dave’s frozen car Saturday....but he got it out the next day. So its all good.

    I just can't wait till the LCD Tour de' Campus comes to State College......floor space will be provided free of charge, so don't you guys worry yourselves.

    Thanks for a great weekend everyone.......especially Kay........can't wait to do it again soon.

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weekend update
2005-01-24 17:21 (link)
Tim I thank you again for the weekend update and making my life more interesting while i read your livejournal. At this moment I'm a bit pissed because my PNC bank card won't work anywhere because the strip is soo shot and i've been on hold with my cell phone for the past 15 minutes so thats fantastic. I'm glad everyone had such an awesome weekend in clarion. Had i known about all the people who would be present i would've made the trip out myself. I'm going to get working on my weekend update post in a minute here so be sure to check it out later. Have a wonderful day Tim. Alter

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