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Justine (tryandgetflump) wrote,
@ 2003-02-23 18:41:00
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    Current mood:ditzy
    Current music:Otown:: I Showed Her

    ok i called jj yesterday. i guess its all good now? it was a lil weird.. a lot of silence. lol... but hey, there was nothin to talk about i guess. Me and Michelle were listening to *our* kind of old school music.. you know.. spice girls, aaron carter, hanson, lfo, 98* and all those kids of people. i was so bored last nite. i made up a dance to the spice girls song called Lady is a Vamp and its a "big band" song, so you could only imagine what my dance looks like. heh i really hate the weekends. im never allowed to go anywhere and im not allowed to watch tv cause my grades were "not good enough" but hey w/e. more time i can spend on the computer chatting with friends.. since i dont realy like talking on the phone. maybe i can do something next weekend, you never know. im messin with this Air in a Can thing where you spray it, it cleans out dust from your keyboard.. well its really boring. you know, im tired of kelly clarkson ( its on the radio ) i know you dont really hear much about her these days, but im tired of her. you cant sing to any of her songs cause she always has to hit a high not or a really low note and well, I cant do that lol. but w/e im not that worried about it cause i dont listen to her. heh.. i was putting my atom (i think thats what its called) project together and i was using a hot glue gun and the stand fell and i was ok w.e cause it was on a tupperwere cover, and stupid me wasnt thinking that tupperwear melts, and i melted a hole rite through the top lol i dont think my mom was too mad cause we can always get another one and because we have so many of them, but she mite have been lol oh well... man am i writing alot. aol is gay. nothing on it works... EVER! lol

    well, i think i am about to bOuNcE .. you know, i never understood why people say that when they are going to leave.. i say it cause i like the way it looks like that


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2003-02-24 10:20 (link)
work on those grades!
last year i had awful grades
and right now i have 4 A's
out of 6 classes!!!!
you cannnnn dooooo ittttt.
in second grade my teacher
burned me with a hot glue gun
lol i'll never forget that.

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