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Justine (tryandgetflump) wrote,
@ 2003-02-21 23:04:00
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    Current mood:guilty
    Current music:lesbiums ~t.a.t.u. all the things she sed~ lesbiums

    i feel bad.
    i feel bad. jj wanted me to call him and i told him i would call if i could. and i didnt. i feel so bad. he was prolly waitin fur me to call..this sounds stupid but, i hope dat he wont be mad and he'll still like me... ill try to call him 2morrow wen my parents are out cause u kno how it is wen you got a 13 yr old gurl in da house..well, maybe you dont... im afraid of wat they*ll say if i call him lol i dont know, its just weird. im tired, but dont feel like sleepin cause of this. you know , i don just worry way too much. if jj is readin this fine little entry. im sorry.. lol.. i dont kno.. im just a lil outta it today. so0o much was goin on today and it was just a lil too much. but ill get over it. it was just one of them days lol. ill be back in here a little later (man it feels good to get this stuff out cause i cant talk to my mom about it lol) ok later people


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2003-02-23 16:12 (link)
i kno kris.... but i got it allllllll straightened out man, it was a lil weird but u kno.. its all good now i guess lol

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