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Rachel (troublbreathing) wrote,
@ 2003-04-22 11:43:00
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    Current mood: apathetic
    Current music:howie day - she says

    god i love vacation.
    yesterday was naomi's 18th bday so we partied at wes' and then naomi, lauren and i slept at sal's. good times were had. i woke up to some dane cook on the computer. naomi loves him as much as i do. its awesome. i cant wait until may 25 when i get to see him in boston!!!
    so on a different note...mikey came with me in my car to sal's last night and he was being really quiet. i kept asking him what was wrong but he wouldnt tell me. once we pulled into the driveway he was like "wait..before we go inside, can we talk?"
    now to me, those are really scary words. so i was like umm ok. and he asked what was going on with us and if i wanted us to be just friends or something more. i basically told him im screwed up and i never know what i want. i feel SO bad. i really really really dont want to hurt him. hes such a sweetheart. i suck at life.
    i think im depressed because its vacation and its raining. it was nice out yesterday. i had a job interview at tj maxx. i dont really know how it went. but i need a fucking job. im sooo poor right now its not even funny.
    my wrist hurts. so im wearing my wrist brace. it looks cool.
    thats all i got for today

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