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Nikki (trollops) wrote,
@ 2004-04-05 18:39:00
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    blah. i don't know what's going on with me and ryan...we broke up, but he's saying he still loves me and we're still together, it's just a "break" blah. and what's worse, we havent been talking that much since the break up, and i mean we havent been talking but 5 mins a day. AND guess what? he left to florida this morning and i wont get to talk to him AT ALL for a week. yay. i miss him, i do. i love him..i want to still be with him. i just wish i got a chance to tell him i loved him before he left. but he wrote me an email and said he loves me and he'll miss me. blahhh. i wish he would've called me. i miss his voice. oh well. sorry i dont update much. its just if i ever do get online im always making icons. lol. i'm a geek. i know. well im going to go now.
    <3 Nikki

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2004-04-08 17:15 (link)
so you 2 are still going out? *confused* hey i've seen your icons around gees they are good! lol yea <3 ya Dianna! p.s. i live in florida hehe =D

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Re: heylo!
2004-04-09 00:29 (link)
lol i dont know if we are or not. i think we are. :shrugssssssss: if you're walking down the road and you see the sexiest guy you've ever seen in your life, that would be Ryan. hahah im kidding. he's the sexiest guy alive in my eyes, though. im in love lol. =D

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please join
2004-05-23 13:48 (link)


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