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Tristan Thortnon (tristan_thor) wrote,
@ 2003-05-07 01:05:00
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    Current mood: pensive
    Current music:Des'ree- Kissing You

    A Run
    Thor had decided to go for a run. And so he went. He ran unlike any normal creature. When Thor ran her ran as a fox, dodging and manipulating his body thorugh the grounds. He was free. He was exhilirated. He stopped. He ponders his next action.

    He had been avoiding shinyshinyooh, but maybe he should go to see Brian/Aura now. His head had cleared enough although he still wasn't sure what he wanted. He knew he felt special when he was around Brian /Aura. Damn the Stu angst! What was he to do?

    And now this song was running in his head. He had wanted to use it in his first act. He was going to tell Brian about it and then...then his attention was slightly diverted.

    Maybe I should pretend that nothing has happened, he thought to himself. No. You know that isn't going to work. Just be brave and maybe a bit are intelligent, you are great...

    Thor kept going over this mantra, until the negative angsty thoughts only lurked at the back of his mind. He changed his form to his normal form and walked back toward Suewarts, enhaling the fresh air, savouring the scent. And then exhaling and breathing in again a scent of Doom. He was going to go to pieces again. was not going to happen. He straightened up. Vunerability was something he must learn to conceal. He was a wizard. A wizard with a broken heart.

    He apparated back to his room and sat down, pondering some more.

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